Google Starts Paid Listing In Its Shopping Search

If you are looking for a product to buy online, you either search it on or on Google. This is the usual practice that people follow. But the search giant wants to unseat Amazon and lead the e-commerce market too.

Well, Google is not a retail store. It is a search engine with e-commerce products like comparison-shopping service and Google Shopping.

The search giant has introduced a change in its shopping search listing. It has introduced paid listing. Shopping sites now need to pay to Google to remain in the few top positions on the search page.

According to Google, the change will be improving the shopping results as retailers will now list more accurate and up-to-date products when they are paying for the position. It adds the search results have become polluted with out of date or misleading consumers’ items.

Well, several retailers are supporting the concept but not all. Few says this will give better shopping experience to users henceforth.

Others are saying this is a way for the search giant to make more money from the retailers.

However, it is to be understood that both the giants, Google as well as Amazon, has got the same goal to offer right shopping destination to users.

Do share in below comment section what you think it will be, whether Google making the shopping more meaningful or just want to make some more money.

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