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Google, the search engine giant launched its social network called Google Plus on June 28, 2011. This social media platform helps connect other Google web properties including Gmail and YouTube. Since it acts as glue, a person who will create or have created a Gmail account is obliged to sign up for Google Plus as well.

This social network gained 625,000 users daily upon its launch. In addition, Google’s +1 button had an average of five billion clicks daily. Not only that; Google Plus also became the most downloaded free application in Apple’s App store. Moreover, the users were given 150 invitations that could be sent out to their friends who are not yet in the circle.  By July 14, Google Plus reached 10 million users. On October 13, Google Plus reached 40 million users and ended the year with 62 million users. Due to a variety of activities offered, Google Plus reached 90 million users in early 2012. With the growing popularity of Google’s social media site, it is expected that Google Plus will reach 400 million users before 2012 ends.

Google+ Facts, Figures and Statistics Infographic

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A Quick Revision of some of the Google+ Facts, Figures and Stats :

  • It was launched on June 28, 2011
  • Within 7 months (January19, 2012), Google+ reached 90 million users.
  • The highest number of users users are from US followed by India, Brazil, UK, Canada etc.
  • The majority of the users are Students and mostly Singles.
  • Google ‘+1’ button is served for more than 5 Billion times a day.
  • The person with top most followers is “Britney Spears” and the page most followed is “ColdPlay”

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