Google Nexus Tablet With The Android 5.0 Jelly Bean [Rumor]

There have been lots of rumors about the Asus built Google Nexus tablet. These rumors have been heard online and there are various reasons why this has become one of the most popular tablets.

The popularity is because of the brand as well as of the price which is expected to be $199. Other than this, there are rumors of the inclusion of some powerful software and processor.

Google Nexus Tablet Rumors

The Nexus tablet is expected to have next generation android operating system, Android 5.0 Jelly Bean. Previously Google and Asus did not open their mouth about such a product but now with the device being so much discussed is believed to be true.

The device is actually listed in the rightware power board and the device is called as the Nexus 7 featuring a display of 7 inch. The resolution offered by the device on the screen is 1280X768 pixels.

One of the best things about the device is that it has the quad core tegra 3 processor. The power of the processor is 1.3 GHz and the nvidia ULP GeForce GPU. The tablet runs with the android 4.1 and is also rumored to have the jelly bean operating system.

Till now it has been fixed that the Nexus tablet is going to be priced at $199 and it is expected to become one of the business killers for other tablets like the Blackberry playbook, Amazon kindle fire and the Barnes & Noble Nook tablet. It has also been rumored that the tablet can even stop the sale of the apply iPad as low cost tablets have become one of the most attractive things these days.

It has been reported that the Nexus tablet made by Asus is going to be released next summer. It is going to unveiled at the I/O conference on June 27.

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