Google Nexus Tablet Rumors Roundup

The Nexus Tablet

ASUS is building the next Google Nexus Tablet, according to rumors. So far, all gadget lovers are still waiting for the launch of the Google Nexus Tablet despite the rumors roundup. Such rumors have been around for almost a month and many are speculating that the latest tablet will be based on the basic MeMO 370T form of ASUS.

Rumored Specifications

Google has been very optimistic regarding the next generation of Nexus tablet keeping in view the success of the first run of production. The Google Nexus Tablet rumors roundup estimates that about two millions units of Nexus Tablet will be launched.

In addition to having the characteristic of quad-coreSoC from NVidia, the Google Nexus Tablet may feature the same high resolution screen (1280 x 800 pixels) with an internal storage of 1 GB. If this is true, it will be better than the Kindle Fire with its 1024 x 600 pixels resolution.

It is also predicted that Google will prefer to include a 7-inch design like the Galaxy Tab 7.7. The display technology included can make this gadget cost a fortune compared to the Kindle Fire, which is much more affordable. However one can not simply judge a tablet based on its display alone, but the price might be a deal-breaker with those on a tighter budget.

Google Nexus Tablet Competition

Many gadget lovers, considering the Google Nexus Tablet rumors roundup, believe it will compete on Kindle Fire. But they should wait to see whether both devices share the same high tech features. At least, Google can depend on Google Books for competing with the best selling product from Amazon.

Google Music still reigns here like Google Play on Androids. Google Play aims to be bigger than just a wireless system of entertainment. So, for those who love to have all Google Play features like the apps, books, music and movies can wait for this tablet to be launched.

It can be understood why Google has been very confident in the next tablet market. Asus has had a good track record of Nexus tablets and Google believes that it can reach more than $950 million in revenues when it is launched on July, based on the rumors. For a better competition with Kindle Fire, the price is expected to be around $199 which is still a bit more expensive than the Amazon’s best selling gadget.

Why is Google so confident that it can compete with Kindle Fire in terms of price? Some sources say that Google will get rid of some characteristics of the Tegra 3 so that it can reduce the cost. Back in January, Asus agreed with the Nexus Tablet deal with Google.

This was why MeMo 370T was ditched so that Asus could really focus on this latest tablet. The agreement between both parties, stated by rumor sources, is focusing on the highest quality tablet this year.

And Finally..

One can only wait. Despite the Google Nexus Tablet rumors roundup, this gadget can be launched before ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ Android 4.0, or, it can be released to gadget lovers in July. It is also possible that Amazon will have plans for an upgraded Kindle as the Google Nexus Tablet biggest competitor.

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