Google Nexus Tablet Release Date: Can We Expect The Nexus Tablet At Google IO This Year?

There are rumors of Nexus Tablet getting released at the next Google IO in 2012. Lots of people have already started showing interest in this tablet as Google has announced that the tablet is going to be available within six months. Google announced this tablet in the month of December last year that is in 2011. Before the Nexus tablet comes to the market there are few things that people want to know about it.

Google Nexus Tablet Date of Release

The first thing that people want to know is the date of release for the nexus tablet. According to some sources the tablet is set to get launched at the CTIA Wireless Trade Show in 2012 which is held in New Orleans in the month of May. But there are also rumors that the tablet is going to be launched in the Google IO which is going to be held in the month of June in San Francisco.

The Specifications

Google has tried its best to make the tablet available to common man by lowering its price through a number of ways. Previously it was fixed that the tablet should have NVIDIA quad-core Tegra 3 processor but the idea was later dropped to keep the price range normal.

There have been talks of getting the dual-core Snap dragon S4 processor. The tablet should get the right processor so that it does not compromise with the quality. Some of the other specifications of the tablet are 1GB RAM, 7 inch display, rear as well as front camera, 1280X800 resolution and the size of the tablet is also 7 inches.

The Manufacturer

Google has not been sure about the manufacturer. The previous choice was HTC as HTC was the company who first produced the android phone. Other than this, HTC also produced other devices that became popular throughout the world. At that point of time Nexus One was not cordially received by the world.

This is the reason why Google tried to seek some other well known manufacturer for the new Nexus Tablet. Now there is a rumor that Google is trying to create a partnership with ASUS to manufacture Nexus Tablet. It has been heard that ASUS has scrapped its other projects to deal with this one. Google is also trying to create a partnership with Samsung to create a fruitful android tablet.

Expected Price

The Nexus Tablet is going to be a high end gadget with lots of features. There are whispers in the market that the price of the Nexus tablet is going to be somewhere between $199 and $249 (there is also a rumor suggesting that the nexus tablet will cost $149). Previously when the ASUS memo was released it was priced at $250.

But if Google drops the idea of using the quad-core processor then the price is expected to more down a bit. On dropping the processor the tablet is going to be priced between $149 and $199. Therefore, it is on Google to decide whether they are going to use the dual core or the quad core processor. But either way they are going to manage a responsible and feature filled tablet to the customers.

Final Words

It is very important to find out how the Google Nexus Tablet gets accepted in the market when it gets released. It is also important to find out its position in the market as compared to the other tablets and gadgets already present in the market. The Nexus tablet surely has a positive aspect as it is priced low.

Currently the market is quite happy with the iPad 3. Other than this, lots of companies like Toshiba, Lenovo and many more are coming forward with their ideas. ASUS is already leading the pack with the high end android devices that it has already brought into the market.

The registration for the Google IO event is already open. So, if you want to become a part of the event you need to register yourself on their link. If you want to become a part of the announcement then you can surely join the event.

But it is said that the Nexus Tablet is arriving is bit late in the market as far as the other tablets and gadgets are concerned. The market is almost becoming saturated with the gadgets. Still there is hope for the Nexus Tablet being a success. It depends on how people accept the features and the low price range.

Nexus Tablet Release Date Updates

Nexus Tablet Release Date Update 1: According to the popular technology blog, The Verge, it looks like the Google’s tablet will not hit the market until July. Verge claimed that they got this news from a trusted source.

Update 2: According to Wide spread reports, it looks like Google is planning to release the nexus tablet in June, 2012 with an initial volume of 600,000 units per month. The reports are also backed up by the trusted news portal Digitimes, which means we will the most awaited Google own branded Android tablet in just few weeks time.

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