Google Nexus Tablet – Is It Really Round the Corner?

Rumors spread fast. And when it comes to Google products, the gadget enthusiasts are always waiting. Rumors have spread that the Nexus tablet manufactured by ASUS will be launched in July. A number of websites with some speculative images of the expected tablet have popped up with its description. However, is Google Nexus Tablet really round the corner?

Google Nexus Tablet: The Perfect Design

So, what does Google have in store for this latest gadget’s design? Many predict that this tablet will incorporate Ice-cream Sandwich 4.0 with a high resolution screen and light weight characteristics. Fine details with clear display image quality will surely be the main highlight. Some websites have launched the pictures of the next Google Nexus Tablet showing off a slim and stylish body.

What is expected from the Latest Google Nexus Tablet?

With ASUS being the manufacturer of the expected Google Nexus tablet, high expectations are tied to the tablet to be one of the best of its kind. Though, initially, it had been rumored that Google will partner with Samsung for this latest tablet, we now know for sure that Asus will be the manufactures of this highly anticipated tablet.

However, some experts have claimed to have found some code of Git Repository of Google which matches the same specs of the Samsung product. These include a 1280 × 800 resolution display that matches with the Samsung series S6E8AB0. In addition to that, the dual processor is identical to that of Samsung Exynos 5250.

Google Nexus Tablet: A Highlight On Features

It is expected that the Google Nexus tablet will compete with the Kindle Fire of Amazon. The Nexus tablet boasts features that include the brand of Google Play Store for reaching a wider consumer market. There will be newspapers, magazines, music and audiobooks available for Google Play. It is said that Google invested heavily in these features. Additional features will be the gaming platform.

The Android tablet, with a 7-inch display, is estimated to cost consumers around $200. The price has been almost fixed and it is expected to compete with the ‘low’ priced Amazon Kindle. At this moment, Samsung manufactures Google’s Galaxy Nexus. Some experts have predicted that the Google Nexus Tablet will be released with an unlocked HSPA+ version. This is what most customers in the United States want.

The Release

It is expected that the online store which launches Google Nexus Tablet will run Jelly Bean, the next version of the Android OS. This will prove to be the same strategy as with the Nexus One revisited back in 2010.

So, let’s say those expected features and every single detail in the rumors is true, this tablet has the potential to win consumers’ hearts. Until the mid of May however, Google will remain silent and will not have a single comment relating to the launch of the latest Nexus tablet. At least, gadget lovers have something to look forward as it feels that the Google Nexus Tablet is just around the corner now.

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