Google Is Creating A Nexus Tablet To Compete With Apple’s iPad

In an announcement that was reminiscent of its smartphone market strategy, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt announced the development of a tablet, Google Nexus to take on the segment leader iPad from Apple. This is identical to Google’s foray with the Android OS into the phone market dominated by Apple’s iPhone.

An Italian newspaper has quoted him saying, “In the next six months we plan to market a tablet of the highest quality”.

Now lest you forget, Google has already tasted the tablet pie with the Motorola Xoom, which failed to find patrons in a market madly in love with the iPad. There have been, however, significant developments since then. Most obvious is the manufacturing ability acquired by Google after its buy-out of Motorola’s cellphone division for $12.5 billion.

At the moment, the deal is waiting for a go-ahead from competition mandarins. When it does go through, there is little doubt over the advantage it would give Google in making Android based tablets or Google Nexus Tablets.

The Kindle Fire from Amazon has formed the biggest challenge so far for the iPad and its USP has been its Android OS and a low price tag. But the tablet has also faced criticism over some software usability issues.

Schmidt was also very forthcoming in his praise for Steve Jobs’ role in redefining the tablet market and described the iPad as a fabulous device.
“Steve was almost like a modern Michelangelo”, he said.

“He was a friend with a unique character, who was capable of bringing together visionary genius and creativity with excellent engineering ability. He realized the potential of the tablet before anybody else which led to the creation of the brilliant iPad.”

When it comes to the smartphone market, Google plays a significant role in the development of Nexus phones that not only become a test mule for newer Android versions but also possess excellent hardware specs.

The most recent of the Nexus phones, the Galaxy, is produced by Samsung. Schmidt also went onto say that the competition between iPhones and Android smartphones would only get more “brutal”.

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