Google Chrome Shortcuts

Google Chrome, as we all know, is an amazing tool for faster browsing. It can even make an ordinary internet connection look stable. But, that is all you knew about Google Chrome till now. Enlisted below are a few amazing shortcuts, which can assist you to manoeuvre this tool even faster.


  1. Press Alt + Home key to open up the Homepage.
  2. Press Alt + Right Arrow key to move forward to a page.
  3. Press Alt + Left Arrow key to go back to the previous page.
  4. Press F11 key to exhibit the webpage in full screen mode.
  5. Press F5 key to refresh the opened page, tab or frame.
  6. Press Esc key to terminate any progress of page loading or downloading.
  7. Press Ctrl + (- or +) key to zoom in or zoom out the current page.
  8. Press Ctrl + (Any number from 1-8) and hop to the related tab.
  9. Press Ctrl + 9 key to toggle to the last tab.
    1. Press Ctrl + Enter key to quickly get to an address. For example if you write “Google” and press the above key, it will automatically add www and .com
  10. Press Ctrl + Shift + Del key to open up a data clearing window and clear up the private data.
  11. Press Ctrl + D key to add the current page in the bookmark list.
  12. Press Ctrl + J key to open up the download window
  13. Press Ctrl + Shift + O key to display the bookmark manager.
  14. Press Ctrl + K key to direct the cursor towards the address bar.
  15. Press Ctrl + N key to open up a fresh browser window.
  16. Press Ctrl + Shift + N keys to open up the incognito mode of Google chrome. Here, browsing history is not saved.
  17. Press Ctrl + P keys to print the current page or a picture on the page.
  18. Press Ctrl + T to open up a new tab.
  19. Press Ctrl + F4 to close down the presently selected tab.
  20. Press Ctrl + Shift + T key to undo the close of a window.
  21. Press Ctrl + Tab key to hop through the opened tabs.
  22. Press Spacebar to scroll down a page.
  23. Press Shift + Spacebar key to scroll up a page at a time
  24. Press Alt + Down Arrow key to display a list of searches made by entering text in a text box.

These shortcuts catalyse your rate of operating with the Google chrome even faster. In addition to this, you can choose from a wide range of plug-ins, discussed in the next post, which adds further boost to this tool.

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