Go Hybrid with the ThinkPad Twist

People who are constantly on the go, love to buy gadgets that complement their hectic lifestyle and still come out in one piece to face the rigors of another day. In short, the ideal gadget is one that has a light weight, good reliability and a very rugged build. These are exactly the qualities we have come to associate with the ThinkPad line of laptops that were first conceived by IBM. The brand though, has since changed hands and its new owner seeks to continue in the same rich vein with the latest line of ThinkPads.


Enter the Lenovo ThinkPad Twist

Business users and travelers will be delighted at the very concept of the Twist. The laptop is noteworthy for two things. Firstly, it brings to the ThinkPad line Windows 8 touch gestures. Secondly, it sports a hybrid design that endows even more flexibility and usability to a product lineup that is already known for those qualities.

Impressive Specs

The Twist, like all other ThinkPad products over the years, is considerably heavier than your average mid-sized laptop. At roughly 3.5 pounds, the Twist weighs even more than Lenovo’s very own IdeaPad Yoga. The difference becomes starker when you consider that the Yoga (1600 x 900 pixels) has a higher resolution screen than the Twist (1366 x 768 pixels). Not only that, the Yoga’s screen is also larger than the Twist’s 13.5 inch unit.

The USP of the Twist though, is the hinge design of its display. The hinge allows a user to convert the Twist into a full-fledged tablet without hindering the laptop’s keyboard in any way. This is one area where the Twist scores over the Yoga as the keyboard remains exposed in the latter, leaving the Twist a more suitable option for use in tablet mode.


There are different models of the Twist as per internal specs. However, the base model features a 500GB hard drive. There is also a caching SSD sized 24 GB. When working in tandem, these two drives enormously reduce the startup times apart from offering a large amount of storage space. There is another Twist variant with a rather inadequate 128GB SSD that one can pick up as well. For purely business purposes and professional users, the low storage space can surely be traded off for faster overall performance.

Overall, the Twist does a wonderful job of bringing together the robustness of the ThinkPad range and the high usability of Windows 8 tablets. The only sore point is the lack of 3G/4G connectivity, which would have made it more appealing to frequent travelers. To sum up the Twist, it goes without saying that Lenovo has stayed true to the brand’s ideals and brought cheer to the many ThinkPad fans around the world.


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