Getting Facebook to Display People by Their Towns

At last count, Facebook was pretty close to the magic 1 billion mark for its total user database. While this speaks volumes about the company and the aggressive way in which it has promoted itself, it has also meant that finding people on Facebook is quite a weary task. For example, just try searching on Facebook for some friends living in a particular town or area and you will get the point.


How Does it Work

Also, there is only so much that the filleting option can do to narrow down the search results. Here again you may be able to search for users you went to college or school with or colleagues who shared the workplace with you or even on the basis of the town or area of residence they have mentioned in their respective profiles. This article, on the other hand, covers a minor guide that will allow you to get Facebook to display members living in a certain area or town.

The steps involved in the same are:

    • Start off by logging into your Facebook account.
    • Now start typing any particular letter in Facebook’s search bar located at the top of the window. As soon as you start entering the letters, some possible matches will be listed by a menu that makes an appearance. Now, you need to go to the bottom of this menu and click on an option that reads “See More Options”.
    • Now click the “People” option from the menu present on the screen’s left side. Go back and erase whatever you were typing in the search bar previously.
    • Now select the “Location” alternative from the drop-down menu that is near to the top of the new screen. There will be a search box next to this menu and into this menu, you need to type the city, town or area name that you want Facebook to use for your customized friends search.
    • Here again, some suggestions will crop up as you start typing the name of any town or area. Simply slide down and click on the name that you wanted from that list of options.

A small reminder though that Facebook users who have enabled privacy settings or have blocked you will not appear in your search results.

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