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Are you looking for ways of synchronizing the whole of music playlist from your Apple iPod to iTunes? If yes, then you landed in the right place. There are several ways to sync an iPod with iTunes.  You can choose settings to automatically sync any song, or other media files to your iPod anytime it is connected to the computer while iTunes is open. Or you can manually sync only those items you wish to. In addition, you can create one or more playlists to sync.  This last option is particularly helpful if more than one iPod is to be synchronized from the same PC.


The Automated Process

  • Connect the iPod to your computer using the standard USB cable, and open iTunes.
  • On the left side of the iTunes window, select the device you are syncing, in this case your iPod.
  • In the main iTunes browser window, select the media you wish to sync, such as music or books.
  • Another option list will open to let you select all music, playlists, etc.  Select those you want.  Your iPod must have enough free space for the items you select, so check the size of files by selecting them and looking at the bottom of the iTunes window.
  • Click on Apply, and the sync will begin.  The program will display the progress of the sync and notify you when it is complete.  Before disconnecting your iPod click the eject button next to it.

The Manual Process

    • Connect the iPod to the computer, open iTunes, and select the device as above.
    • In the main iTunes window, select Summary and then the option to manually manage the media as you wish.
    • Automatic sync settings will be deselected. Click Apply.
    • To manually select media, select their category from the Library on the top left, then drag and drop the items you want onto your device icon.  You can drag and drop a playlist in the same way.

Do not forget to eject your iPod before disconnecting it.

How to Create Playlists?

Playlists provide a way of sorting music.  If more than one iPod is being synced from the same computer, for example, different users can create their own playlists to conveniently sync their own selections without disturbing the playlists of others.


Depending on the version you are using, either click the playlist button at the top of the iTunes window, or from the sidebar.  Next, click the + icon in the bottom left corner of the window.   Choose New Playlist from the pop up window.  A new, empty playlist window will open in the left hand column.  You can give the playlist a name just by typing. The name can be changed later by clicking on it and editing.  Add music to the playlist by selecting items from the music library that appears next to the playlist.  Simply drag and drop selected item into the playlist window.  Other media, such as TV shows or podcasts can be added too.  You can then arrange your files either manually or by selecting from the Sort menu.  Save the playlist by clicking DONE.

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