Get Traffic on Your YouTube Channel

When you throw yourself in the social networking world, you want everyone to know your name. Same applies when you open up your own channel on YouTube. To get more subscribers is what you are looking for, but actually it does not turn out to be as simple. If you came here, you are certainly in quest of a guide and well, you landed in the right spot. Here, we will figure out ways to get more views on the videos posted by you on YouTube.


Socialize on YouTube

It is a common misconception amongst majority of people that YouTube means watching videos only. The thing every one ignores is that it is also a social networking site where you can intermingle with other users or get yourself involved in a community. All you need to do is to find people who post videos similar to your category and befriend them.


As a gesture, leave a good comment on their videos or send a message applauding the same. This helps in building up an online relation and forming a chain which maybe a bit slow process but quite effective in the long run.

Attract Subscribers with your Videos


It is a fact that if something is eye catching, people will always give a second look. Same applies for the videos on YouTube. Once you get in few subscribers for your channel, it becomes easier to publicize your videos since the subscriber gets notified through an email every time you upload a new one. So, if your videos are good enough they automatically will attract subscribers.

Tag the Keywords


After Google, YouTube dominates the search engine planet and that what makes the keywords so essential to get your things up in their list. Construct an attractive title that lures the viewers and plug in as many tags that belong to your video’s niche.

Publicize on Other Social Networking Sites


It is hard to find people these days without an account on Facebook or Twitter. You must be also having one and if you are wishing to get more views on your YouTube videos, then put your accounts to use right now. Embed the video and share it on your wall or your friends or in a community page, anywhere you like to. Sometimes these sites turn out to be a major attractor than the YouTube itself.

Copy-Paste the Link


There is no harm of ego in responding to a particular video you like on YouTube and at the same time publicize yours too. All you have to do is to leave a response as a user and also copy paste the link of your video in the comment. If your response gets approved then it will show up publicly. You have to do a little research in order to get an idea where your video can get an approval. It’s recommended to post links only on videos that matches to your category of things. In this way, the user in search of a similar video may turn up to yours.

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