Get the Most Out of Your Time Using these Fantastic Apps

Maximizing the value of time is the success mantra in today’s age. Various gadgets and applications have made such an impact on our lives that it is difficult to imagine a world without them. The same can also be said about the three apps featured below. These apps not only help boost our productivity levels but also make multitasking easier.



A universally acclaimed and popular note creating app, Evernote fully deserves the praise it has garnered. In addition to the usual features, you can even convert this app into a ‘to-do’ one by enabling the checkbox feature. Evernote makes it possible for you to share notes over email, organize items by tags, location and date, and even insert pictures and audios easily.


The app is available across all major platforms including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone apart from desktop versions for Mac and Windows.

Pros: Easy Inputting of audio, text, web content and images; OCR present for handwriting and images.

Cons: Important features like reminders and calendar sync are excluded from the app’s free version.

OneNote Mobile

A fixed feature in all Windows Phone smartphones, OneNote Mobile is brilliant for its excellent integration with Microsoft’s Office Suite. This makes it ideal for people whose profession/business involves spending lots of time working on MS Office. The app syncs all your documents with SharePoint as well as SkyDrive, which is Microsoft’s very own cloud storage feature. And just like Evernote, OneNote features a checkbox option that helps you to use your notes as ‘to-do’ lists.


The app is free and can be downloaded for different platforms like iOS, Windows Phone 8, Android, Mac and Windows.

Pros: Features a very straightforward interface; free syncing is made available for a maximum of 500 notes; level of collaboration is impressive.

Cons: The only major flaw is the absence of a tagging feature.

Remember the Milk

This app is not as unique for its concept as it is for the actual execution. You will be surprised at the many platforms the app offers its users. There are also many different ways in which you can schedule a particular task. You can use email, tweet your tasks to the app or even speak them through Siri. As for sorting, there are many options for the same with ‘Smart Lists’ particularly standing out. This option updates your list as per any custom criteria that you set. There is also a ‘smart add’ option that lets you add a task with reminders (based on date/time), tags, and locations in a single line.


The app is available for iOS, Windows Phone 8 and Android. Its pro version costs $25.

Pros: Quickly adds tasks; syncs with Outlook and Google.

Cons: Free version limits automatic syncing; collaboration is absent.

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