Get Rid of Ubuntu on Your Nexus 7

Did you just install Ubuntu OS on your Nexus 7 tablet but you are not satisfied with the same? Are you looking for ways to get back the android OS running on your device?  Well, here is a guide as a continuation to the previous post which dealt with installation of Ubuntu and now you will get to know how to remove it. You will need the same pre-requisites as before i.e. an Android SDK, the original USB cable and of course the Nexus 7 tablet running the Ubuntu OS.


Before getting started, one must have a complete backup of the files since it will get deleted during the process of installation and there won’t be any path of recovery without backup.

After the backup process has been done with, follow these steps as given below:

Download Android Version Compatible for Your Device

Nexus 7 has two different models and one has to choose the android operating system according to it. Both Android versions 4.1.2 and 4.2.1 are available for the model with Wi-Fi facility and thus you can opt for one of them. You just have to go to the relevant Google site for Android and install the necessary archive on the home directory.

Getting it Installed

After the archive has been downloaded, Press CTRL+ ALT + T keys in a combination to open up the terminal window and copy paste this following command to uncompress the files in succession.

cd ~/
tar zxvf nakasi-jro03d-factory-e102ba72.tgz

Once you are done with this, remove any other device and link your Nexus 7 with the help of the standard micro USB cable that came with the tablet. Press enter one by one after inputting the below commands in the terminal window.

cd nakasi-jro03d/
sudo ./

Provide the password in the box that pops up.

These texts will appear:

archive does not contain ‘boot.sig’ 

archive does not contain ‘recovery.sig’

archive does not contain ‘system.sig’ 

The above warnings that follow might be ignored while the restoration process moves on without a hitch. You should make sure that there isn’t any loose contact in connecting the tablet; otherwise the process has to be started all over again

Lock the Bootloader

You can lock the bootloader as soon as the Android image gets restored on the tablet. Firstly, you have to get hold of an Android SDK if you don’t have one and get the extracted archives on the desktop. Then all you have to do is to scroll to the extracted directory with the command “cd”. Find the sdk/platform- tools folder and enter. After that, reboot the tablet by typing following command:

sudo adb reboot bootloader

And then lock the bootloader by entering this command:

sudo fastboot oem lock

And there you go; you have your Nexus 7 tablet as it was before at the time of purchasing.

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