Gameloft Unveils Android Game Built With Unreal Engine On Facebook

Check the below given image. Look at it and say whether you can unlock any hidden hint as to what type of game is it or which game is it.

Gameloft today unveiled this image on their official Facebook page saying this is their first ever game built from Unreal Engine.

The French video game publisher and developer writes on the Facebook page that this is the story of its 1st Unreal Game and it will soon be revealed.

Meanwhile, the publisher asks its fans to unlock hidden hint from the artwork. Here’s what they wrote on the page:

“A hint is hidden in the artwork above. Can you find it?”

“The hint hunt continues! Vote to unlock the next hint. Choose between (YouTube trailer and the Artwork).”

Guess. What it could be? Is the massive sword similar to that of found in Infinity Blade? If yes then probably Epic has commissioned Gameflot for developing this new game. It can be believed so as Gameloft is more experienced in developing Android games than Epic.

Another wild guess says the dead skeletons, swords and armor resembles a kind of RPG. To be more close to it, it resembles action RPG that we have seen in Gameloft’s own Dungeon Hunter 2.

Do share your guesses with your fellow readers in the below given comment section.

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