Free Wi-Fi Across New York Begins Today

Citizens of New York suffering from an unfortunate case of Facebook-addiction or Twitter-itis have today taken one step closer to never, ever having to be disconnected from their vice of choice. As of today, free Wi-Fi is being offered at no less than 200 locations across New York City and even six MTA Subway stations, courtesy of Google offers and with the help of Boingo Wireless.

Great news for those who cannot bear to be away from their online personas – bad news for those who cherish a little time off the radar every now and again.

Free Wi-Fi Across New York Begins Today

Google Offers

Google Offers provides special discounts and deals across New York and a further 39 cities spanning the US, therefore the introduction of the free Wi-Fi service is likely to see the search giant’s own revenues go through the roof.

What’s more, today’s launch of the Wi-Fi services represents nothing more than a drop in the well, as an enormous rollout is expected to continue and eventually encompass almost all major subway stations in the city.

According to Boingo’s roadmap for the coming months, at least 36 stations will be covered before the end of 2012, which will include the busiest areas such as the Rockefeller Center and Times Square. By 2017, almost 300 stations across the city are expected to offer Wi-Fi, which will be available to the 1.6 billion passengers traveling through the stations annually.

No Free Rides

Unfortunately, said 1.6 billion will have to reach a little further into their pockets as the current free Wi-Fi offer will only be valid until September of this year.

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