Free Computer Software that Everyone Can Use

If you are among those computer users looking for some productive and yet free software programs, then this article is perfect for you. Some of the most well-known and proven open source applications are featured here and while they may fall short of absolutely substituting their paid counterparts, they are sure to get you through your most daily tasks.


  • Tomboy – This is a note-taking program and is available across different platforms. Some of its notable functions include font styling, text highlighting, inline spellchecking and a many more.
  • Chandler – A tool that specializes in managing data, Chandler can be used by either individuals or small groups for collaborating on certain tasks. Apart from featuring inbuilt calendaring, Chandler also offers options to backup data and share it via the internet.
  • BasKet Note Pads – Although basically a note-taking app, BasKet is different in the sense that it allows you to import data from other sources or apps. It also enables you to manage your data in myriad ways and allows seamless sharing of your notes.
  • Task Coach – A software that helps with to-do lists, Task Coach is quite comprehensive with its range of options. It can be used in collaboration with the Thunderbird email client to design new tasks, add different kinds of attachments and many more.
  • Gwibber – Among the few social networking programs that are open source, with Gwibber users can take charge of different social media like Twitter, Facebook, Digg and Flickr. Gwibber is made for the GNOME platform.
  • Dolphin – If you want to create your own social network, nothing works better than Dolphin. With the program, you can gather data from other social networks like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc. and use it to launch your own network within a few minutes. This is made possible by the use of some special apps and scripts in Dolphin.
  • Elgg – Yet another program that allows users to create their own social networking platform, Elgg is ideal for volunteer organizations, educational institutes and even businesses.
  • Songbird – An app for Windows powered machines, Songbird can be used for managing all your audio and video files. It also has some great searching features in addition to support for ripping CDs, sharing playlists and purchasing music.
  • VLC –  Without doubt, one of the most popular open source applications of all time, VLC has today found favor with millions of computer users from around the world. You can use VLC for playback of videos as well audios. To its credit, the application supports the widest range of formats and codecs for a seamless media watching experience.
  • iTiVo – This app for the Mac OS platform allows users to download recorded shows onto their Mac-running machines. Furthermore, it can easily convert these videos and transfer them to devices like the iPhone or iPod.
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