Firefox Optimized For Windows 8 Arrives With Latest Features

Waiting for Microsoft’s Windows 8 will be over within a few weeks. With much anticipation, many companies have come up with new updates, so does Mozilla. In its wake, Mozilla has come up with its latest version of Firefox solely optimized for Windows 8’s touch interface.

How To Install Firefox In Your Windows 8

First, you must close all Firefox application if it’s running in your system. Run the Firefox Metro Preview after downloaded it from its site. After than you open the Control Panel and set Internet Explorer as your default browser.

Then start the installation of the Firefox Nightly EXE that you have downloaded. Windows will ask for the default browser and then set it as the Default. A Windows 8 prompt will open, choose Nightly as the default, and then in Firefox. Lastly, go to browser options/Advanced/General and set it as the default browser there too.

So Far So Good

The experimental branch of Firefox Nightly is named as Elm and the latest Metro Preview version is being prepared and experimented in that branch. Erica Jostedt, Mozilla’s Senior Manager of Product Communications said in an interview that they still to set the timeline to ship the product. Further she said that the product was in review in the experimental branch Elm.

Elm is the repository produces nightly builds and updates every day; however, they are not associated with the regular Firefox updates and release schedules. The latest Firefox Metro preview build possesses a lot of standard Firefox features and some are incorporated for Metro optimizations. Some singular features like options of showing tabs always and like Internet Explorer 10, it has integrated tab preview that hides from view after a few seconds. It is more inspired from IE 10 where features like pin tabs as titles to your Start screen, separate sections for Bookmarks, History and Downloads, which are be viewed like horizontal tiles used in Semantic Zoom.

The new Firefox has more features than Chrome. It is noted that Google Chrome’s Metro support has already been released a few months ago, but not much public development since then. The Australis interface visually looks more like its Android counterpart.

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Just few weeks left when the Windows 8 will reach to the mass. Microsoft will be launching it on October 26. Then it will be the right time to say which is better – Chrome or Firefox. Do experience it and do share your views about the two browsers with fellow readers in the below comment box. Meanwhile do also check Hands on review of Microsoft Word 2013 and the built-in-apps rolled out for Windows 8 recently by the software giant.

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