Firefox Add-ons that Add to the Performance

Over the few months, Firefox has seen a fall in its number of users largely due to Google’s creation of the Chrome Webstore which has a whole database of extensions and applications. This has attracted a lot of new Chrome users. However, one should not overlook the fact that Firefox still holds about 30% of the web-browsing market and it features in the top 3 browsers being used by most internet surfers. Moreover, Firefox has some great add-ons which really deserve applause. Here is a list of some free and very useful extensions which add value to your Firefox and improve your browsing experience.


Adblock Plus

This extension acts as a filter for unwanted adverts. It helps in restricting advertisements on the pages you are browsing.

AdblockPlus - Firefox

Hence adverts which intrude into your web-pages are blocked and you experience an uninterrupted browsing session.

Amazon Wish List


Who does not shop online these days? Almost all of us are used to buying stuffs from Amazon. The Amazon Wish List extension integrates itself in your browser and allows you to add items to your wish list with just one click. The extension is not limited to the Amazon website; it can be used on other websites affiliated to Amazon or displaying Amazon products.

Auto Pager


How often have you been reading an interesting article on a website and the articles are spread over several pages? Each time you click on “Next Page” to move to the next part, the webpage reloads. This trouble of reloading every time can be avoided with this extension. It automatically merges all the different pages on the website into one single page which can be scrolled endlessly. So, no need to bother yourself with multi-page articles anymore, you can view the entire article in a single page only.



Are you familiar with the speed-dials concept? This extension enables you to customise your home tab in order to feature web-links, widgets along with a background of your choice. It’s simple to implement and once done, every time you open a new tab you’ll see your customised one.

Down Them All


If you are browsing or researching materials off the internet, it is pretty obvious that you would want to save pictures or videos and other stuffs. Well, this extension allows you to save all downloadable items off a webpage in a single click. And it also features a “stop and resume” option which can be used anytime.

Copy Plain Text

Copy Text Move Right

This is a helpful tool for students who are doing research work on the web. It enables you to copy large amount of text and data, then paste them anywhere (word document, twitter…) as unformatted text. Then, you can edit the data as per your requirements.

Internet Explorer Tab


If you surf a lot on the internet, you might have noticed there are certain websites (especially Microsoft websites) which frequently are not available on Firefox or Google Chrome. These WebPages have been actually encoded as per the specificities of Internet Explorer. This add-on pops up a tab which is a simulator of the Internet Explorer browser. This will allow you to surf the web without any limitation and thus, there isn’t any need to install both the browsers.

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