Facebook Bans American Actress, Singer Selena Gomez

Do you have same name as a celebrity? Life can be tough for you then. Strictly speaking it may be tough on Facebook.

The social networking site banned Mark Zuckerberg last year and now it has done the same with Selena Gomez.

Not really the same Selena Gomez whom we know but a girl with the same name in New Mexico tried signing in to her account recently and found she is denied of accessing her Facebook account. A message is displayed saying the account is disabled as it is an inauthentic account.

The girl says she did not have any celebrity of famous friend in her list and also she never referred herself to be the famous Selena Gomez. Moreover, she has never used any pictures of the celebrity on any of her page.

Well, there may be many more Selena Gomez in the world. Gomez is a common Spanish surname and Selena is not a unique first name.

This is not the first time Facebook has created such a problem to its users. However, the social giant blames reviewers here who “look at thousands of pieces of content a day that are reported to them and of course make an occasional mistake.”

In the Mark Zuckerberg case Facebook said that they worked quickly in restoring the content when they were notified about the incident.

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  1. giovanna fraga mota says:

    selena eu te amo vc e a cantora mais bonita do mundo fora a demi lovato,a milei cyrus e a carly rae jespem vc e demais srsrs

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