Explore Windows 8 the Smartest Way

Windows 8 is yet another successful and ultimate product from Microsoft which was introduced last year. This is a fresh and new version of windows with a complete change in the interface. The home screen is the most attractive part of windows 8 which is alluring to someone and confusing for others. There has been many new features installed and updated with this operating system and it has been marked as the best touch operating system for laptop, desktop or mobile phones. Here are a couple steps to help you become familiar with it:


  • Windows 8 Lock Screen

    – The first interface is different from usual login with features like face recognition, finger print, password login, so once you spin the mouse, the usual screen appears for password entry.

  • Navigation Screen

    – This is the most fascinating feature with tiles of various apps, colourful background, the mouse that can be used for the zooming out and in, scroll from left to right or use home or end key. Press the windows key to go to start screen, you may use right click on the tiles to unpin them and drag and drop new tiles.

  • App Cluster

    – The app tiles on the navigation screen can be tuned in to new groups with the right click in the block and couple of apps can be added in a block for keeping it in organised manner.

  • Quick Menu

    – This can be accessed with a right click on the bottom left corner that gives option for device manager, control panel, applets and many more.

  • Shut Down

    – To shut down you need to scroll down to the right bottom corner and click on the settings icon and you will see the power option or may press windows key + I.

  • App Bar

    –It can be accessed by pressing windows key + Z or by right clicking on the empty part of the navigation screen.

  • To Check Running Apps

    – Using the windows + tab key to check or check in task manager with ctrl + shift + esc option.

  • To Close an App

    – Using the advanced feature move the cursor to the top of the screen; once the pointer turns in to hand symbol, hold the left mouse button and drag it to the home screen which will turn the app into an thumbnail and then you may close it or you may opt the traditional ways like alt + F4 or task manager.

  • Running Two Apps

    – This is possible in windows by swiping from left and the last app will turn in to a thumbnail, drop that and it will appear in the side bar while your current app will be on the rest of the screen.

Hope the above elaboration helps you in getting started with this wonderful new OS.


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