Enjoy Your Workout with Some Amazing iPhone Apps

iPhone is one of the most luxurious phones which every individual might like to possess. It offers a wide range of features and applications to the users. These applications are effective for workplace as well as entertainment. If you are looking forward to join a gym for getting into shape or remaining fit but run short of time, it is now possible to do it using your iPhone. App developers have designed some effective workout apps using which the individuals can remain fit and workout in a more effective manner without even joining a gym. It not only saves time but also allows them an opportunity to save substantial amounts which might have been spent on paying the fees of the health club.


Here is a list of some outstanding apps installing which you can plan your workouts as well as diet.

Lose It


This app is a perfect combination of food diary and workout journal. It provides a list of all food items which can be included in your diet. All the food items like fruits, chicken, coffee etc. are present in the list with accurate calories, fat, carbohydrates and protein content. Using this app you can prepare a detailed chart of your workout session including the calories burnt and ate by you.

RunKeeper Pro


This app is compatible with 3GS and 3G iPhones. It comes with a tracking system which can be effectively used by runners, hikers, skiers and cyclists. The app is provided with GPS technology that tracks the speed and route and also uploads the data after your exercise session. The users can go to the website of the app and check out the time in which they covered a particular route.

GymGoal ABC


If you are willing to learn the basics and proper moves of weight lifting you can get this app installed on your iPhone. This app has a perfect collection of 280 exercises. The users can go through the instructions of the exercises and pick up a workout routine from the 52 routines available on this app. Though you cannot keep a track of your daily workout, you can use the calculators for computing BMI, heart rate and percentage of body fat.

Pret-a-Yoga Lite


Yoga is considered as the best way to remain fit and healthy. If you do not want to join a gym and wish to plan your own yoga routine, this app can help you to a great extent. Using the app, the users can practice yoga in their own way and with high level of comfort. You can take guidance from the audio instructions and videos offered by this app.



This app provides amazing nutrition tips to the users in a colorful manner. You can very well know what to eat and when to eat by using this app.

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