Enhance Your Video Streaming Experience with these Tips

With the advent of high-speed broadband, the number of video streaming services has increased by the dozen. Some popular options like UStream and Justin.tv have revolutionized the way people watch video content online. However, video streaming can also become a pain to manage at times. The tips featured below will definitely help improve your experience with video streaming.


Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

In case the video you are streaming suffers from heavy pixilation and also throws up a few green artifacts often, turning off the hardware acceleration would do a world of good. If the web based video player you are using is based on Flash technology, you need to right click the streaming window and select the ‘Settings’ option. You will see a ticked box next to the title ‘Enable Hardware Acceleration’.


You need to remove this tick mark. Although doing so does not assure a glitch free video streaming experience, in most cases there seems to be some amount of notable improvement. This theory has also been supported by many video streaming websites themselves.

Change Streaming Resolution


If the video you are streaming is hiccupping or stuttering beyond an acceptable limit, try and change the resolution of the said video. In most cases, this does help but there are certain instances where doing so might seem to make no difference. There are also the odd cases where a video might stutter at lower resolutions but run perfectly fine at higher ones. So you can simply try out different options and stick with the one that brings the most improvement to the video streaming experience.

Flush DNS Settings


Users of popular video streaming services also seem to encounter the error code #2032 when watching a video quite often. This error is caused when your internet connection loses connectivity for a period of more than 10 seconds. This delay cases the streaming service’s server to cut off the stream. To glide over this problem, you can simply flush the DNS cache of your computer. This needs to be done via the command prompt of your Windows operating system. Once the command prompt is up, simply type ‘ipconfig/flushdns’ and hit ‘Enter’. Your DNS cache is reset by this action, which should result in uninterrupted video streaming.

Tips for Gaming Video Streaming Services


If you are a follower of video game streams then third party stream viewing applications like WellPlayed and Teevox will do a world of good. Apart from being immensely easy to use, these clients also boast of a universal interface for different streaming sites like Own3d.tv, Twitch.tv etc. These applications allow you to quickly switch between two streams and also feature mobile application versions. Some of these apps also enable the usage of your smartphone as a remote-control for the PC.

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