Enable 720p video recording on Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7 only has front camera and it gives you the convenience and luxury to video chat. However, apart from that, if in case you are looking to take snaps of some of the special moments or make a video, then you equally do not have to worry even an inch. You will be able to accomplish your desires and wants in the easiest possible way. Thereby, you end up celebrating some of the coveted movements in an enhanced way as well. Great isn’t it?

The best thing which is attached with the front camera of such an esteemed phone is that you have the convenience of recording up to 720p video. You can adjust on improving the quality of video according to your expectations as you are in the process of chatting or while you are capturing some of the priceless moments.

720p video recoding on nexus 7

Following is the guide which will arm you with the highly sophisticated method by which you will be able to enable 720p video recording on Nexus 7.


However, prior to moving forward, you need to keep yourself abreast with the instructions which are as follows:-

These are the instructions which are only intended for Asus Nexus 7. It is not fit to apply the aforesaid instructions on any other device as it has the potential of producing undesired outcome.

There is no 100% surety that the instructions are going to work with your specific circumstances.

You are required to make the use of such instructions at your own risk and there will not be any one else who is going to be liable for the same.

Therefore, it necessitates you to be highly knowledgeable and informative about them prior to applying them.


Ensure that Asus Nexus 7 with root access and ClockworkMod Recovery is installed In order to take assistance, you can take help from “how to root and flash ClockworkMod Recovery on the Nexus 7

You need to download 720p video recording mod

In order to be sure that you have the copy of all your personal data, it is important that you backup all of that like (Internet settings, contacts, Wi-Fi passwords, SMS< MMS, etc). Hence, even if there is an error, then you do not have to worry even an inch as well.


* Get a copy of the mod’s ZIP file into the tablet’s internal SD card.

* Switch off the tablet

* Boot the tablet into Fastboot Mode. This can be done by pressing the Volume Up, Volume Down along with power buttons until Fastboot Mode boots. Thereafter, select recovery so that you can boot into ClockworkMod recovery.

* It is important that you need to have a NANDroid backup of your current ROM. Thereafter, select Backup and restore>Backup.

* In the next step, you need to Install ZIP from SD Card. After that, select the MOD file and finally click on yes.

* The last step entails you to go back in order to reboot the system.

Thereby, now you have the luxury of recording 720p videos with Nexus 7’s front camera.

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