Email Security: Not What You Think It To Be

If you think that the emails you send secretly to your girlfriend in Canada are always secretive and no one can know what you have written in them, then here’s some bad news for you: emails are among the most discoverable sources of information. Accessing someone’s emails are extremely easy for absolutely anyone. For example if you are with the authorities then you can request the web client that a person is using, to give you access to his or her email account.

That kind of access is absolutely legal, but if someone out there wants unauthorized access into your account for illegal reasons then he or she can also access your account by simply hacking it, and the web-based mail services that are so popular nowadays, are among the least secure places to store your personal emails that are of sensitive nature, like dealings with your clients, emails containing your financial information, et cetra, et cetra.

The web-based mail clients like Gmail and Yahoo mail, store all your account details along with your mails in the company server, instead of storing it on your personal computer. That’s part of why mails have become some of the most discoverable sources of information in today’s world. If you used an email client that had to install a program on your computer and store information on it, then the danger of a hacker hacking to your email account will be greatly lessened but not completely disbanded.

Therefore, taking some pre-cautionary measures seem a good option, especially if your emails are important to you. First, most web-based mail clients like Gmail offer two-step verification these days, which will increase your email account security greatly. Turn it on and fear of your email account being hacked will decrease substantially. As for authorities peeping into your email account, you don’t need to be afraid of it unless you are involved with a terrorist organization. Take it as granted that they won’t be interested in your Canadian girlfriend.

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