Eco Friendly Dell Hybrid PC

We are now at the time wherein there is a much hype of computers. However, people often forget that computers will not always provide the advantages. It can consume a lot of electricity which promotes Green House Effect here on earth. Because of this fact, different popular manufacturer of desktops started to boast off their eco friendly brands.

Dell is the first one among the different computer manufacturing companies which released its hybrid desktop PC. When we say hybrid, it is an experimental product which tries to capture the attention of buyers. Although experimental, hybrid products have been already proven effective by the manufacturer itself and other organizations as well. Going back to the Dell hybrid PC, this is a high quality hybrid PC with a lot of promising features.


Dell Studio Hybrid: How it Look?

Dell Studio Hybrid is a very conventional PC which allows you to use it as a typical PC. However, this is more stylish and light weight because Dell decided to use bamboo as major design for outer casing. This effectively described how Dell Hybrid PC can be very friendly to the environment. Compared to the typical desktop, the Dell Hybrid PC is much smaller and light. You can even make it in a tower form or desktop; it all depends on your desire.  It has the simple yet sleek outer covering with metallic colors and vivid buttons for power, reset, and DVD/CD ROM.

Dell Hybrid PC; Typical Specs

Just like a typical PC, Dell Hybrid PC has the most advanced specs among the hybrid PCs. It can work almost the same with the larger desktops with its 4GB of RAM, a very decent RAM size for a faster PC. Not mentioning the 320GB Hard Drive which allows you to save a lot of programs without thinking much about the memory storage. You can also use the Dell Hybrid PC for internet browsing as it contains gigabit Ethernet for a faster LAN connection. It can even detect Wi-Fi spots. Play music, watch movies, and install different programs with its DVD/CD ROM drive and Blu Ray disc reader. It can also accept major sizes of SD cards for easy file sharing.

Dell Hybrid PC: Greenest and Cleanest

Among the other manufactured hybrid PCs by its competitors, organizations considered the Dell Hybrid PC as the greenest and cleanest because of its being energy efficient and energy saver. Because of its small size, it has been found that Dell Hybrid PC uses very low energy consumption which is less 70 percent on the energy used by the typical PCs. The power supply used for the Dell Hybrid PC is also an impressive one as it passed the Energy Star standards right away.

The materials used to manufacture the casing of the Dell Hybrid PC is also said to be recycled materials. Because of this start made by Dell, its competitors also made their own hybrid PC which is a sign of healthy and green competition.


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