Ease US Data Recovery wizard Software Review

In today’s high-tech world, where everything revolves around computers and Smartphones, every piece of information, you save is an important one! What do you do, when an important file on your computer has been accidentally deleted? Saving data is one thing but recovering data is another, where not a lot of softwares out there are reliable, they may recover a part of it or they just may be too expensive, Ease US data recovery wizard is such a software that will help you recover all your files which may be have deleted/formatted or even those inaccessible orpartial loss.


Ease US Data Recovery can help you recover data from your Internal Hard drive, External hard drive, USB drive, Memory card & Digital camera. It is one of the best software, which can help you in USB data recovery process. No matter what the cause is, whether it’s just an accidental deletion or formatting, a software crash or a damaged hard drive and even a virus attacks apart from partial loss, even if you set the computer on fire!


All you need are just a few clicks to install the software in order to retrieve all that data, its simple easy-to use and reliable and also recovers the data fully. Now there are three easy modes that will help you recover your data, designed specifically to deal with various types of data loss situations

The first mode – is the deleted file recovery mode where you can actually recover any deleted file along with their original file name and path

The second mode– is the complete recovery mode where you can easily recover all your lost data due to formatting or system re-installation, a virus attack or even power –off.

The third mode– this mode is called the Partition recovery mode and true to its name it recovers data from deleted/inaccessible or raw partition.

Is it really beneficial?

Yes it is! Because it is flexible and precise and saves time, to get precise results specify your recovery types before scanning. You can filter your file search on the basis of name, type, date and size to find files fast and efficientlyenough to save time. You can save your previous scanning results and import it to resume your recovery, this helps you recover your data without having to go through the scanning process.

Preview Data Recovery

It also enables you to have a quick preview before you decide what you want to recover. It is reliable, safe and user-friendly, it has as interactive and easy interface for a quick recovery process all in just 3 simple steps. It is an immensely popular and trusted data recovery software solution which is a hit with a million users across the world. It is a read-only software which is risk free and won’t cause any type of damage to your storage device or disk adding to that is the fact it provides complete recovery for all types of data loss cases and devices.

You can recover a 2GB files all for free plus it’s now easy to recover all types of document, emails, archives, music, images and videos. Whether the data was deleted or lost in re-installation, formatting etc. and you can recover your data from various devices like computers or Laptops or any other storage like hard drives,memory cards,USB’s and even from a digital camera which means you don’t have to worry about losing any photographs or files.

The Betty’s Best Bet

The best thing about EaseUs data recovery wizard software is that, it is absolutely free which means that you can recover all your important files without spending a penny. All in all, the ease us data recovery software is a great product, free, easy-to use and reliable and definitely a must-have if you have important data stored in your computer, laptops or any other media storage device.

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