Dwm.exe: What Is It And How To Disable It

Using Windows 7 will help you to encounter great graphics and visuals using some of its advanced options. However, accelerated visual effects on each tabs opened may eat up huge amount of memory because of the running processes used by it.

Once of the processes that may be involved with those advanced display settings with Windows 7 is the dwm.exe. This is one of the processes which are in charge of layering the images on your desktop thus producing a 3D effect. Dwm.exe is also allowed to manipulate your video card giving you the best quality for your desktop’s appearance.

Dwm.exe Error

The Memory Usage

Dwm.exe is quite taking some of your memory as you can see it on your Task Manager. It may take around 50 MB depending on the number of tabs opened. Again, dwm.exe is responsible of accelerating the 3D effects of each tabs thus, this will also add up space on its used memory.

If you believe that you have small RAM and disabling dwm.exe could be a huge help for you, then it is always possible. However, expect a low quality of images and tabs. Still, it is a good way to somehow make you machine run faster.

Disabling dwm.exe from Running Processes

Since you are aware that dwm.exe can still eat up some of your RAM, disabling it would be a great resort if you are not after an attractive Windows 7 desktop.

Actually, this is not all about “removing dwm.exe” but this is all about “disabling dwm.exe to work hard in accelerating the appearance of your desktop”. This means that you will not be able to remove dwm.exe but, lessening the amount of RAM it uses is always possible.

You can start it off by switching to Windows 7 Basic. From its name, you will have the idea on how your desktop will look like. You just need to right-click anywhere on your desktop to switch to Windows 7 Basic. On the pop up screen which will appear, click on “Personalize”.

After clicking it, a Window will open up for personalization. Now choose “Windows 7 Basic” as colour scheme, which will be located in the “High and Contrast Themes” category.

Removing dwm.exe from the Running Processes

Actually, this is NOT a recommended one since you will have the most basic appearance and you will not feel the beauty of having Windows 7 as your operating system.

However, if you are really interested, you can always turn it off permanently from the running processes. Take note that once you chose to turn off dwm.exe, you have no choice but to switch to Windows 7 Basic.

You can start it off by accessing the “Services” which can be found on “Control Panel” or “Start Menu”. From there, look for the “Desktop Window Manager Session Manager” and click the stop button. This step is temporary and once rebooted, dwm.exe will go back working.

Disabling it permanently is possible by just double clicking on the “Desktop Window Manager Session Manager” and on the “Startup Type” dropdown, click “Disabled”.

The above mentioned methods are the possible ways available for removing or disabling dwm.exe from your computer running on Windows 7 operating system.

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