Dragon Medical Practice Edition – Latest Version Available For Medical Practitioners

The active software companies are introducing effective software from time to time to enhance the capacity of individuals in almost every field. Medical field is also not untouched from the influence of these software. There are various software which are designed specially to enhance the accuracy of the doctors and other medical practitioners. Dragon Medical Practice Edition Voice Recognition software is one among them. Recently a new version of this software is introduced in order to enhance the speed, efficiency and accuracy of the individuals related to medical field.


Dragon Medical Practice Edition – Version 11

The recently introduced version 11 is known for providing efficient medical tools. This latest version offers a perfect combination of new settings and options which are capable of enhancing the efficiency of the doctors to a great extent. In order to have a better understanding of the improvements and modifications made in the pre-existing version keep reading the specifications discussed below.


  • Version 11 offers 15% more accuracy as compared to the previous version. It means that the medical professionals now do not need to be concerned about the quality of speech recorded by the software. Increased accuracy results in less hassle and fewer corrections at the users end.
  • The users can make corrections using both the finger and the voice. Version 11 allows users to make corrections manually using a keyboard or using their speech. The presence of dual correction and editing system offers more functionality and fluidity for the practitioners. The professionals can select a correction process as per their comfort.
  • It also offers advanced filtration feature in order to provide a better understanding of the text. Most of the medical practitioners make use of traditional phrases while they speak which can be omitted or adjusted by using the latest version of Dragon. This filtration feature makes speech recognition more innovative and comfortable.
  • The availability of smart options provides effective hardware recognition and recommends incorporation of these resources. No matter you use a Smartphone or digital microphone, the software is compatible with it and offers smooth integration.
  • The voice recognition speed offered by this software is at its peak allowing the user to create text at the speed of the speech. There is negligible lag time between the pace of speech and text creation. With this software the medical professionals can create text faster by speaking at a faster rate.

Considerable modifications are made in the interface of the software so that the users can use it with more fluidity and comfort. It offers easily navigable controls and options using which medical professionals can enhance their efficiency and accuracy. Medical professionals were always in need of software that offers higher efficiency and this intuitive software has offered them their desired tool.

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