Try the New Interface of Firefox OS on Your Computer

Mozilla introduced its mobile operating system based on web standard officially known as Firefox OS. We formerly know it as Boot to Gecko and it’s for sure that the name isn’t good for marketing. Telefonica was the first to show a prototype where you could see the interface, but honestly I did not like it. It was simple and square at the end but it’s quite understandable because it was a prototype, after all.

Mozilla had already announced in past that its operating system Firefox OS has the international support from multiple vendors and operators of mobile telephony.

After that announcement, it seems Mozilla is working quickly enough to improve its platform and showed progress. The interface is very well maintained and, as is happening as Android, IOS, Meegan, Tizen, the BlackBerry 10 and other future mobile operating system with focus on icons in round shape case on home screen. It’s too early to say whether it’s a  copy of any existing mobile OS or it brings in something completely fresh and new. Let’s wait and watch.

Firefox OS

The good news is for developers who want to experiment with Firefox OS because Mozilla published compilations of the platform on their servers so they can start testing the interface, its behaviour etc. The download is available for Windows, MAC and Linux, and if you need help installing the OS on your system then follow the instructions to install and run on your system. If time permits, I’ll provide an in depth coverage of Firefox OS.

The idea to publish and make Firefox OS available for desktops is to encourage developers to become familiar and motivated to carry or create applications for this OS from scratch. The first devices with Firefox OS will probably be available in early 2013 in Latin America through various carriers and if all goes as expected, it would not be too long for people of Europe and the United States to have it in their hands.

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