Download Free Books For Your Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is the known most convenient gadget in reading eBooks. Actually, Kindle exclusively accesses all the Amazon-exclusive eBooks making it a very powerful gadget.

However, buying eBooks from Amazon may not be an advisable idea if you are going to do this always. Actually, there are lots of websites which may offer you free eBooks. With this, it is always legal as long as Kindle allows you to do it.

Download Free Kindle Books

Accessing the Kindle’s Web Browser

This is important before getting into the steps of downloading free eBooks from popular providers. First, see to it that the satellite option is turned on. This will allow you to scan available networks for download. Then, by using the scroller of your Kindle, go to “Menu” and hit the “Experimental” button.

Afterwards, a new window will appear and be sure to click on “Basic Web”. A window containing the “My Bookmarks” view will appear. But, focus on the “Enter URL” at the top. Just click on that. After clicking it, another pop up box will appear urging you to type in the URL. Once on a web page, the web page is split to particular sections. Just click “Next Page” or “Previous Page” to navigate on that web page.

Now, we will proceed in stating some of the safe and popular websites for Amazon Kindle‘s free eBook downloads along with the steps in downloading them.


FeedBooks is a premier eBook website which is not limited for Kindle but for other eBook readers as well. Actually, downloading free eBooks from this site is the easiest.

Since you are using Kindle, you will need to enter this URL on the URL space of your web browser: Then, hit the “Submit” button so your Kindle will start searching for the website. On the appeared search field, just click the “Next” option to redirect you to the space wherein you can search for a free eBook to be downloaded.

Then, click “Done” which allows you to go back to the default screen. Now, a list of related or exact eBooks may appear. You just have to choose among them. Once you chose the desired eBook, click on it and you will be redirected to another window. You will now see the term “Downloads” below the eBook and just below it, click the “Mobipocket/Kindle” since you are using Kindle.

Hit “Next”. Lastly, another screen will appear double checking if you are really downloading that eBook. Just click “OK” and wait for a few minutes until it is fully downloaded.

Many Books

This is another promising website with over 22,000 eBooks available for download. Actually, it does not just allow one to download the eBook to Kindle but to other gadgets as well such as iPhones and PDAs. Since this tutorial is for Kindle users, let’s focus on its steps.

You should type in the URL space: That will redirect you to its welcome screen. From there, go to the “Search” field which will allow you to type in the title or author of eBook you are looking for.

Now, click “Next” to continue searching. A lot of results will appear on your screen. Click “Next” or “Previous” to navigate on that web page. Now, once found the eBook, click on it and another prompt will appear. Click “Next”. Now, you’ll find the “Free Download” page. Click on section dedicated for Kindle users. Just click “download” to download the file.

These are the two popular websites where you can find and download thousands of free eBooks for your Amazon Kindle.

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