Do You Know The Sharing Reminders Functionality In OS X Mountain Lion?

In the latest version of the Mac OS, the OS X Mountain Lion, Apple included some of its iOS apps and features. Among them is the Reminders app, which is extremely useful in setting up and organizing to-do lists.

Reminders were originally a part of the Apple iCal service but now, it has become a app in itself and it interfaces with the Calendar for all of your Apple devices through synchronization with the iCloud service. This kind of unified setup not only helps make sharing reminders between your devices easier but it also sets up a platform from where you can share your reminders with other iCloud users.

Although a bit different from standard calendar services, the reminders can be extremely helpful in setting up events with your friends on the iCloud and share specific reminders. The reminders are convenient alternatives because they are maintained in separate relevant list and they don’t allocate just a section of time for the event to take place. In addition, the reminders unlike calendars offer a notice where the reminders just turn red, when their due date has expired.

As mentioned earlier, the reminders can be particularly useful in organizing or planning an event and hence they are also beneficial for people working together on collaborative projects which require a high degree of team work among participating members. Though you cannot share with anyone else your individual reminders, you can always set up a shared list that will automatically sync with people’s iCloud accounts.

Here’s how to share a reminders list, in easy and simple steps:

1. Go to the Reminders, and create or select the list which you want to share.

2. Hover your mouse cursor over the right hand side of the list’s name and you will see a sharing icon appear.

3. Click on the icon and add the contact’s name or email address you wish to share the reminder with.

4. Hit done and then have a drink while the list syncs.

The person you have shared the reminder with will get an email with an invitation to join and a link to iCloud (by default, anyone you share the reminders with will require to create an Apple ID and a iCloud account to access this service). But if the person already has an iCloud account and devices linked with it, then the Reminders will automatically be synced with all their devices.

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