Do Cellphones Cause Cancer? FCC To Reexamine Risks

Ongoing debates as to whether or not cellphones really can give users cancer are to be blown wide open once again, as the FCC may be about to look into the safety and potential effects of the energy emitted by mobile phones and transmission towers.

According to industry reports surfacing over the weekend, a proposal is making its way around the FCC recommending a new and full investigation into certain standards that have been in place since 1996.

Do Cellphones Cause Cancer? FCC to Reexamine Risks

Sources claiming familiarity with FCC proceedings have strongly pointed out that none within the agency believe cellphones or signals to be of any direct threat to public health, though the investigation would include an examination of the issue in order to comprehensively rule out any danger with scientific backing.

Majority Vote Required

In order for the investigation to be approved and thus made public, a majority vote must be reached by FCC commissioners.

As recently as last year, the WHO declared that mobile phones are fundamentally risky and a possible cause of cancer in their users. Meanwhile, cellphones were also brought up as a point of concern by the IARC, whose director suggested that the public refrain from extensive mobile phone use until research was able to reach a workable conclusion.

Claims Refuted

National cancer research bodies refuted the claims only a month later however, when their own study of 1,000 individuals indicated no increased cancer risk by use of mobile phones to any extent.

Of course, both arguments generated both incredible concern and cries of hideous irresponsibility from the public, as most positioned themselves firmly on one side of the fence or the other. As such, while the possibility of a new study and a final conclusion does indeed hold its potential benefits, the period between now and its ultimate findings are is likely to be one of heated debate and public uncertainty to say the least.

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