Consolidate Your Picture Collection Using Photoshop Elements

The arrival of digital photo technology made the entire task a lot easier for the masses. However, there was now a new irritant that people had to deal with in the form of managing an ever-increasing picture collection.

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It is a given that not every picture in your computer’s library is top-notch. But at the same time, it is also likely that you have some very personal reasons for not deleting those substandard pictures. So how exactly do you deal with the mess that all those pictures crammed together have created? The answer lies in consolidating your picture collection. A highly recommended tool for that task is the application featured in this article, Photoshop Elements.

Central Access to All Your Pictures

When you aim to consolidate your large picture collection, the first thing you need to do is bring the collection together at a single place. Depending upon the size of your collection, you can either opt for a USB flash drive, USB external drive, NAS box, home server or any other computer you want to consolidate the picture collection in.

This is where the advantages of Photoshop Elements seep through. In order to bring together the collection, you do not have to worry about additional important details like creating directories or determining the contents of your various folders. The program takes care of all those aspects with a single click. This makes the whole idea of consolidation that much easier. So make sure to download and install Photoshop Elements on your PC. Please note that it is a paid program that retails for close to a hundred bucks but you can also resort to the trial variant if your requirement is a one-time thing only.

Getting the Photoshop Elements to Work

Once you are done with the installation, launch the application and click the button that reads ‘Organizer’. Doing so will cause a dialog box to pop up, which asks you for locations from where you wish to import pictures. Select the option that allows import of pictures from files and folders and proceed. Use the navigation window to locate the folder that houses your pictures. For the pictures to be imported, you will need to select the particular folder and click on the ‘Media Files’ button.

The program also allows you to import pictures only from certain folder as well. This can be done by individually selecting such folders using the Ctrl key. Once you are done selecting, hit the button that reads ‘Get Media’.

Once the importing is done with, a dialog box pops up telling you about the number of files successfully imported and those that weren’t. You don’t have to fear about Photoshop Elements physically moving your pictures as it only consolidates them into a single database with separate links to each picture’s location, thus making it easier to manage.

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