How to connect a USB Flash Drive or Hard Drive to the Nexus 7?

One of the major disadvantages of Nexus 7, is the lack of memory card slot micro SD. That is, you have 8gb/16gb, and further increasing the amount of internal storage is not possible.

Besides video files (especially HD), there are modern games (Nova 3, Asphalt 7) which occupy a lot of space, and the lack of expansion slot for micro SD is a serious problem. And even if you want to connect a USB flash drive or hard drive to your tablet, it will not work.

Tablet simply does not recognize the external drive. But the benefit is the possibility to solve this problem. And I’ll tell you how.

There are some basic requirements before enabling your Nexus 7 device starts reading your USB Flash Drive or Hard Drive. They are as below given:

1. Rights Super User (Root)

2. Cable (USB OTG)

3. Program Stickmount

USB OTG cable – this is such a special adapter cable which connects a microUSB to USB, with which you can easily connect to a USB port on our tablet is not just a computer, but also other devices – such as a keyboard, mouse, flash drives and more.

Besides, we need OTG cable program Stickmount, which allows you to mount USB stick.You can download it free of charge from Google Play .

Stickmount provides various options. Check the below given image:

stickmount nexus 7

Items «Mount» and «Unmount» is responsible for mounting and unmounting your drive. Simply, If you want to connect a USB flash drive, select the item << Mount >>, if you want to extract the drive, click the << Unmount >>.

The remaining points of the program are designed for deeper and more accurate adjustment, for example it can be used to turn on or off notifications when an external drive is mounted or parameters to use UTF-8 encoding. Once you mount your flash drive or a hard drive, your drive can be found in the file manager. You can find it on the path: / sdcard / usbStorage / xxxx /

Basically everything. It’s simple, is not it? Now you are free to watch movies and listen to music on your Nexus 7 directly from the USB flash drive or hard drive.

Note: The Stickmount works specifically on Nexus, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 and the operating system Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), but it may also work on other devices (smartphones, tablets) with operating system Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) and above. Just try your luck.

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