Confusion over the New Name for iPhone

There was an expectation that the new iPhone is going to release in the year 2011 but the year passed without the iPhone. New 4S technology has been included in the iPhone legacy and this is why people are anticipating whether the new phone is going to be iPhone 5 or 6.

Lots of speculations have already taken place throughout 2011 regarding the look as well as the features of the new iPhone. There have been different kinds of rumors from various online sources. Lots of people even believed the rumor and it was even expected that the new iPhone is going to be named as the iPhone 5. The sources throughout the year leaked certain information to increase the interest of the consumers. There has also been a lot of rumor regarding the release date of the iPhone.


The sources talked about a lot of things regarding the phone. According to them this fifth generation phone is going to get a new form factor and could also have the A5 chip along with IOS 5. This is the reason why people are expecting the name to be iPhone 5 instead of iPhone 4S. In this case the S stands for speed. This name too is discussed about in case the new iPhone is just a refreshed version of the previous phone.

It is said that apple has made up its mind to call it iPhone 4S with all the qualities and features in it that has been rumored about. With the five features in hand they might have purposefully got rid of the name iPhone 5. Apple is expecting to make this phone almost a ground breaking device.

There is a solid confusing regarding the naming of the new iPhone. There are opportunities of apple coming up with more than one iPhone over the next few years. There is confusion whether the next phone is going to be called iPhone 5 or 6. There has been no definite answer from the house of apple about what is the name of the iPhone coming up in the year 2012.

More about iPhone Names

The confusion hovering in the minds of people regarding the naming process used by people cannot be solved so easily. Puzzles can even be solved but this seems to be tougher than a puzzle. Puzzles can sometimes be solved easily by human beings but the puzzle with the name of the iPhone cannot be easily solved. Apple does not follow a particular trend in naming its iPhone. This is the reason why it has actually become difficult to track the name of the next iPhone. There were lots of speculations regarding the naming of iPhone 2 as well as it was the second generation phone and also had 3G. The naming process has always been kept under cover by apple.

There are lots of people who believe that the iPhone which is set to release in the year 2012 is going to be named as iPhone 6 due to some specific reasons. The name has been rumored because this is going to be the sixth generation phone from apple which is also going to include the IOS 6 and the A6 chip. Similar naming confusion occurred with iPhone 2.

The theory of naming the phone according to the generation of the phone has some kind of logic but this logic does not usually prevail in the naming of apple iPhone. Apple easily skipped the name iPhone 2 for iPhone 3G as it had the 3G feature. The company usually skips the numbers in the name just to confuse the consumers. This is the reason why the rumors regarding the names do not always seem to be right. In case of the second iPhone apple tried to portray the 3G feature in their phone instead of making it the second generation phone. There is a huge speculation regarding the name of the new iPhone. People are expecting it to be 4G or 4Gs but whether apple is going to make so many 4s is again a question. But apple might not jump numbers to get the right generation.

In this case they might even call it iPhone 5 even if it belongs to the sixth generation.

There are lots of people who believe that apple is trying to establish a new pattern in naming the iPhone. Lots of people believe that the name is going to be iPhone 5 only after iPhone comes up with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. According to these people apple is going to create a sandwiched phone with new refreshed models. In these cases people are usually disregarding the generation to be used in the phone either five or six. The discussion has reached to a level when anything can happen but there is no confirmation from the house of apple yet. People are discussing the names with full energy but a sense of confusion still prevails among them.

It is important therefore to look for specific answers to all these questions.

Finally the online sources have decided that they are going to call it 2012 iPhone which is a better option amidst the confusion. But it is true that this name does not have the feel which the names iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 actually has. The name iPhone 5 is actually the most searched for term in google these days.

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