Coby Kyros 8-Inch Android Tablet

So I got connected to the world of internet with just a touch of my fingertips. I bought this tablet few weeks ago and it has proved to be so powerful with the flexibility of the internet. The Coby Kyros Tablet provides full entertainment solution with a capacitive touch screen of 8 inches. It has the Android Operating system.

I am able to have an access to the uncountable application from the marketplace called GetJar. It has numerous games, productivity tools, and social media. With the stylish and the sleek Coby Kyros Tablet I most of the time enjoy my favourite music and feel relaxed.

Since the Coby Kyros Tablet has the latest version of the Android which is 4.0 also known as Ice-Cream Sandwich that is why I love it more. As it provides me with the easy multitasking, resizable widgets, home screens that can be customizable, rich notifications, deep interactivity and many new and attractive ways of communicating.

This tablet provides an open access to the GetJar which is the huge application store for free and has over 550,000 applications on just a touch away from you. So this way I am able to get my tablet customized for various entertainment and web based needs of mine.


As the Android’s key strength is the multi tasking so this has become even more visual and easier on the latest version of the Android that is 4.0 present in the Coby Kyros Tablet. There is a recent application button which allows the user to instantly jump from a single task to another by using a list that is present in the System Bar. The images of the applications used recently are seen in a thumbnail form by a list which pops up. By tapping the thumbnails one can switch to applications.
The Coby Kyros Tablet is quite light in weight. This is a tablet which can be gripped easily and is designed in a way that it fits pretty comfortably in my hand. I can even travel by carrying it quite easily.

This fantastic Coby Kyros Tablet allows me to remain connected to the world and I am able to laugh and share my happenings with my friends and family. This tablet even allows me to perform little tasks I love as I am able to shop online, I get access to several recipes, I can check the weather, keep myself updated with the news and the changing stocks.

The Coby Kyros Tablet allows me to sync the Google Chrome bookmarks instantly from every account and can also manage them. I can save them so that they can be read later when there are no networks. The tablet requires Wi-Fi to keep me connected very easily anywhere I go.

I can easily access to my emails by sitting on my couch or while walking in my garden or working in the kitchen. There is a built-in application of email.

In the version 4.0 of Android it is very easy to read, manage or send emails. In order to compose the email there is an auto-completion of the recipients in an improved way, it helps to find or add the contacts which are frequently used in much quicker manner. In order to have an easy input of the texts that are frequent, the quick responses can be created and can be stored in an application. These can be entered from a menu very conveniently while composing. When I need to reply to the message I am able to toggle my message to Reply all and then forward. It is done without even the screen being changed.

With my Coby Kyros Tablet I can listen to all of my most favourite tracks in a very enjoyable manner. The tablet has a built-in application of music which allows me to swipe and then tap my music by song, artist, album or playlist. In this way I can listen to my favourite tune indoors or either on the go.

With the Wi-Fi I am able to perform various actions such as web-surfing, watching videos, playing games. For tethering no internet connection is needed. In order to take advantage of the latest features like sharing files instantly or sharing photos or any other media, streaming of the audio or video from some other device, connection needed with some other compatible devices such as printers- these all tasks can be performed through the third party applications very easily.
The Coby Kyros Tablet lets me enjoy the internet whether I am at my home, plane, train, local coffee shop and many places unbound by wires.

So by having Coby Kyros Tablet I took advantage of the most creative Android application that has a built-in accelerometer. It has everything starting from the utility applications which are handy to the most unique and exciting games. I am sure anyone will get as amazed as I was about what this tablet can do.

In order to organize and manage the events by date and the appointments there is an updated application of calendar which is able to bring together the agendas that are personal, social, work school etc. With the permission of the user the various other applications will contribute the events that will be added to the calendar and in this way reminders will be managed.

Never thought that I would have a library in my palm as by having the Coby Kyros Tablet I am able to have access to the countless books and their volumes. These books include the new releases, best sellers, classics, modern and much more.
The high definition videos are experienced in this tablet as it has the media processors which are very advanced.

The Coby Tablet can be connected to the HD TV by HDMI cable to enjoy the high definition movies. It has the battery which is rechargeable and is of lithium polymer. The battery timings are average that sheds according to the use. Overall, I found it pretty amazing.

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