Chromasun: Eco Friendly Air Conditioner

If you are at a tropical country, you will always be irritated with the hot weather and sometime, typical electric fan won’t work. Because of this, you may need to shift to a more advanced gadget such as the air conditioner. As of now, almost 85 percent of the worldwide population have their air conditioner installed which is a sign of it as being an in demand appliance nowadays.

However, along with the usefulness of air conditioner, it may also impose danger to our environment. It emits uncontrollable heat which can damage the ozone layer. Also, the CFCs are the top contributor on Green House Effect. With this, manufacturers of air conditioners cannot afford to settle with this bad image shown by their products. Gladly, a particular manufacturer succeeded in producing environment friendly air conditioner.


The Chromasun

Chromasun is the brand name of this type of air conditioner. From its name, you will have the idea that its energy comes from the heat of the sun and not from the electricity which could be get from electric sockets. The Chromasun is a conventional air conditioner with solar panels on its top portion, making it ideally installed on a wall facing the sun. These solar panels effectively absorb a lot of energy enough to make the high demands for energy of the said air conditioner possible. Since it is powered by the solar panels, even there is a cut on the electricity, you can always enjoy the coolness of having a working air conditioner at home.

Eco Features of Chromasun

Aside from the mere fact that it can be run by the heat of the sun, it has double chillers. This means that it does not to take a lot of energy just to make the processed water cool as there are 2 chillers which can focus on it. This does not emit any CFC because the water to be put inside the tube are poured there manually, unlike the typical air conditioners which needed extreme heat and extreme coldness just to produce the water. Going back to the water, the water will be poured on the tube and you are going to seal it. Then, that water will now boil with 220 degree Celsius then will now turn to be a refrigerant. When there is a constant cycle of heat and coolness inside the machine, there will be a cooling effect.
Chromasun was the “first” eco friendly air conditioner released. After the release of Chromasun, other popular air conditioner manufacturers followed and made improvements out from the generated engineered body by Chromasun. Chromasun may not be as popular as other brands but due respect must be given to the manufacturer who successful came up with the basic step towards having an eco friendly air conditioner. Chromasun may not be available now but, the same manufacturer started to construct innovative designs for a better air conditioner. Still, used Chromasuns may be available online and on some surplus shops.

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