Microsoft File Formats – Old vs. New


The release of Office 2007 by Microsoft, although news-making for many positive reasons, was also met with skepticism by long time users of the popular suite when they learned that the company had introduced a new wave of file formats. These new file formats ranged across the three most popular components of Office 2007; Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The new file … [Read more...]

Amazing History Of Barcode [Must Read It]

Barcode 60th Anniversary

Overview of Barcodes: In the 21st century, a lot has been heard as well as spoken about barcodes at large. If I were to visit a supermarket or a departmental store at large, then I would be pleased to get my hands onto products that have barcodes engraved on the same. The reason behind the same is a well-known fact that talks about the ease that has been instilled … [Read more...]

Windows 8- The Much Awaited Present from Microsoft

Windows 8

  On October 25, 2012 Microsoft launched Windows 8 and the company did introduce big radical changes. The old interface that people have gotten used to the majority of their lives has now been replaced by a fresh metro-style interface. Gone is the start menu. The left side applications have also been done away with. What this means is that Windows 8 look is … [Read more...]

Email Security: Not What You Think It To Be

E-mail concept on white background. Isolated 3D image

If you think that the emails you send secretly to your girlfriend in Canada are always secretive and no one can know what you have written in them, then here's some bad news for you: emails are among the most discoverable sources of information. Accessing someone's emails are extremely easy for absolutely anyone. For example if you are with the authorities then you … [Read more...]

Find Apps You Don’t Use And Free Up Your Space (Android)


Is your Android device too clattered up? Do you keep wondering where all the storage that your device offers you went away? How many apps did you download and install on your Android device but never once used? How many apps are there in your android device that you have found highly satisfactory to use? Or how many apps are there on your device that you have thought … [Read more...]

Do You Know The Sharing Reminders Functionality In OS X Mountain Lion?

os x mountain lion

In the latest version of the Mac OS, the OS X Mountain Lion, Apple included some of its iOS apps and features. Among them is the Reminders app, which is extremely useful in setting up and organizing to-do lists. Reminders were originally a part of the Apple iCal service but now, it has become a app in itself and it interfaces with the Calendar for all of your Apple … [Read more...]

Apple Explains Passbook In Just Released iOS 6.1

apple passbook

By this time you may be wondering how to make use the Apple’s Passbook if you have owned the recent iDevices – the iPhone 5 or iPod Touch. Even the Cupertino guys have realized that its new users are flummoxed over how to use the Passbook app. No worries. There is an answer to it, and from Apple itself. The just released iOS 6.1 adds an updated explanation to the … [Read more...]

Windows 8 features that are sure to drive you crazy

windows 8

From the time Microsoft announced its new and futuristic operating system Windows 8 it has been criticized for trying too hard to achieve something that it couldn't in the last decade. But Microsoft pursued and it has now created something that is sure to give many a people many sleepless nights. Figuring out how to do the easiest of things on the new Windows 8 has … [Read more...]

Lucky Salt Lake. Getting Super Computing Tested With 800Gbps Bandwidth

salt lake super computing

There will be more gigabits flying around you, definitely, at least for a week, if you are in Salt Lake City. Yes, a dream network is coming up there, to be precise it is coming up at the Salt Palace Convention Center. Cadre of volunteers have gathered in Utah from top government labs, universities and industry at this year's SC2012 Super Computing conference. The … [Read more...]

Now Your Credit Card Too Got LCD, Keypad. Thanks MasterCard

displaycard from mastercard

Here's something revolutionary in the credit card segment. 'Hats-off' to technology. MasterCard has come up with LCD display embedded credit card. Yes, and don't be surprised when you get a new card from your bank next time. It will have a keypad too. The new card is dubbed as "Display Card" and it combines authentication token along with the usual credit/debit or … [Read more...]