Transferring Apps & Files between Android Phones Using Wi-Fi


Chances are pretty good that if you and your friends happen to own Android phones, transferring of files and other data between them would be an everyday affair. By files, the reference is to all types of photos, videos and music. These are among the most commonly shared items between phones world over. While Bluetooth does the job well when a small sized single file … [Read more...]

Can I Pay Your Tab?

Can I Pay Your Tab

The phrase heard over and over is that you want your business to be "forward thinking." But what does that really mean? The paradigm in business seems to have moved from a focus on the product to a focus on the customer. It is important that your business learn how to connect with their target population and to demonstrate to them the effect of your service or product … [Read more...]

Review: Apple iPod Nano 7th Generation Newest Model

Video thumbnail for youtube video Review: Apple iPod Nano 7th Generation Newest Model - PinDigit

The latest model of the iPod is the updated one and includes the vital improvements over the previous one. There are very less cons but I appreciate the substantial functioning of the device for most of the users. The Apple iPod Nano is a digital media player that has the compact design and a screen which is multi touch. It is redesigned and is ultraportable. The … [Read more...]

Guide to install CyanogenMod 10 on the Nexus 7

CyanogenMod10 Nexus 7

The Google Nexus 7 is released with a bang and its CyanogenMod 10ROM is indeed working in an enhanced and effective way with the tablet. The nexus 7 along with its quad-core processor and Tegra 3-powered chipset is indeed regarded to be one of the highly sophisticated and dedicated tablets on the market as of now. Another equally great thing is that you have the … [Read more...]

How To Save A Wet Cell Phone Or Tablet


Dropping your mobile phone in a sink, toilet, bath or puddle of water is going to leave it damaged irreparably. The same rule goes for the tablet computers. The biggest mistake that everyone does is to turn the device on in panic just to check if it is still working or not. Switching it off is the best solution right away. But there is still some hope that you can … [Read more...]

Review: Sony Xperia T LT30p


The first phone from Sony I ever bought is the Sony Xperia LT30. I had always used Nokia. But since I had been looking for the type of cell phone that has the rock solid features with the killing looks therefore, I made Sony Xperia LT30 my choice. The Sony Xperia LT30 is a smartphone that has the super fast processor which is ideal for the purpose of communication, … [Read more...]

How To Connect Your Android Phone To Your Car Audio System


Most of the people enjoy listening to music while they are driving, but there are also times when the radio does not play the right music and tunes. There was a time when playing a CD was the obvious choice but they used to get scratched very easily. Fortunately, with the advent of technology, mobile phones having the MP3 storage have become a good alternative now. … [Read more...]

How To Turn Off Distracting Tech Notifications Almost Anywhere


These days, we are constantly barraged with the system alerts, annoying texts and email updates from hypothetical neighbors and telemarketing teams. But for some good reason, the tech lovers tend to play victims by saying that they need to turn on their notifications whether it is for their PC, iPhone, Mac, or Android mobile. They feel the need of staying connected … [Read more...]

How To Safely Clean Your Tablet Or Smartphone’s Touchscreen


Cleaning the touchscreen of a smartphone is pretty simple. You do not need a cleaning solution or any special cleaning kit for cleaning your tablet safely or the touchscreen of your smartphone. You can now do it with the materials that you have on hand already. However, you should know what needs to be avoided as several types of the cleaning solutions and cloths … [Read more...]

How To Unlock a Webpage From Behind a Firewall


Sometimes you will have a problem in accessing a particular website. You may wonder why it is happening to you. One reason may be that the website server may be just down or the other possibility is that the firewall of that website may be stopping you from viewing it. A firewall basically is one set of the related programs that protects resources of private … [Read more...]