How To Disable The Splash Screen In Microsoft Office


Every time you launch Microsoft office you are greeted with a splash screen which you have to wait till it goes before you can start your work. Sometimes the splash screen takes up valuable time or the splash screen freezes crashing the entire office. So we have prepared a guide that will allow you to remove the splash screen. For the purpose of this guide we will … [Read more...]

How To Find And Change Advanced Settings In Your Browser


There are many browsers available these days and each one has its own unique features and settings which allows you to customize it to your needs and use it accordingly. But majority of the browsers also feature advanced settings which are normally hidden from the normal users because modifying those settings can either further improve your browser or ruin it … [Read more...]

How To Convert The Caps Lock Key Into Chrome OS Search Key


The caps lock on the keyboard is mostly used to type entire sentences in capital letters. Most of the time we don’t use the caps lock key apart from showing that we are angry in a chat. Even the shift key is being used sparingly these days because most of the word processing software and even search engines automatically make the letter at the start of the sentence … [Read more...]

How To Backup Your Gmail Account With Your Ubuntu Running PC

gmail ubuntu

Creating backups is an important part of preserving your important data because you may never know when you would need to access your data. There are many ways of creating backups of your email account using your windows PC but what happens if you are using a Linux OS specially Ubuntu. In windows you can use the GMVault or thunderbird to easily backup your Gmail … [Read more...]

Be Protected and Illuminated with Motion-Activated LED Outdoor Light


If you wanted to be safe from burglars without worrying that much with the electricity consumption, then it is advisable for you to have the Motion-Activated LED Outdoor Light. This is a burglar alarm which has minimum requirements to make it run perfectly. It can effectively scan all the creatures that may pass through its sensor just like the more expensive and … [Read more...]

OLPC program offered laptops to every students of tiny nation of Niue. What India to do with Aakash?


One Laptop per Child aka OLPC has become the most respected names across the world in low-cost computing. So is with India in recent one year when the government took the initiative with Aakash project to offer students with world's cheapest tablet at a subsidy of 50 percent.   OLPC is globally headed by Nicholas Negroponte who has designed the XO laptop to … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Spot A Craigslist Scam

Spot A Craigslist Scam

Craigslist offer are much known for their deal but you should be aware of fraud and scam or any other activity before investing. In this article we are trying to go through dodgy deals of Craigslist. If you are thinking you will get caught in Craigslist scam, the following are some tips to prevent from such fraud. 1. Never do wire funds: If a seller is asking … [Read more...]

Selling Digital Products Vs. Selling Electronics Online

Selling Digital Products Vs Selling Electronics Online

The benefits of an Internet based business cannot be compared to a conventional business. Regardless of which aspect you consider, an online business not only requires small capital investments, but also has a potential to give great returns. Furthermore, when you add the facet of convenience and comfort for the business owner, the online businesses win hands down … [Read more...]

Time To Ditch The Print Classifieds And Make Way For The Digital Age

Online Ads

I still remember distinctly when my father would get this newspaper which was all about advertisements of buying and selling and renting and advertising classes and tuition's etc. It was like a 100 page newspaper with tiny font. Thanks to the digital age and new developments we don’t need to put ourselves through that anymore. With everything available online life … [Read more...]

Two Ways to Help You Maximize the Battery Life of Your Portable Gadget


Ever since the advent of gadgets like multi-core processor equipped phones or tablets and media players with huge screen sizes, the problem of inadequate battery life has always reared its ugly head. Most of these phones or tablets would not last through more than 8-10 hours of prolonged usage, which can be quite a problem, especially when you are … [Read more...]