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Increasing scope of jobs: There was a time when everybody was involved in small business or shop and much people were not in jobs. These days the scenario has completely changed and most of the people are in jobs. In this era cut throat competition is there in each and every field. Even in the jobs too. Now it’s not possible to compete with the big market tycoons … [Read more...]

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 – More Advanced With New Features


Dreamweaver is a renowned name in the field of software industry and is known for developing intuitive web development software. In the recent years it has done several modifications in the previously introduced software Adobe. It has now progressed to a great deal and has introduced several database powered software. The web developers always get excited with the … [Read more...]

Basic Android Shortcuts You should Know about


The best thing about technology is that it lets you do your thing in style and that too you are thrown to a multitude of options to select from. Every single day there are new sets of mobiles in the market which makes it confusing for us to select the best out of the rest. With different screen size, camera pixels, touch type, memory, sound and operating system it … [Read more...]

Operating Windows 8 Efficiently on Old Hardware

win 8

Technically speaking, any machine that has no problems running Windows 7 should also manage well with Windows 8, the latest operating system from Microsoft. This theory is further supported by Microsoft’s own release stating the minimum hardware requirements for running Windows 8 smoothly. But as is the case with most things theoretical, this theory too has some flaws … [Read more...]

Email Security: Not What You Think It To Be

E-mail concept on white background. Isolated 3D image

If you think that the emails you send secretly to your girlfriend in Canada are always secretive and no one can know what you have written in them, then here's some bad news for you: emails are among the most discoverable sources of information. Accessing someone's emails are extremely easy for absolutely anyone. For example if you are with the authorities then you … [Read more...]

Find Apps You Don’t Use And Free Up Your Space (Android)


Is your Android device too clattered up? Do you keep wondering where all the storage that your device offers you went away? How many apps did you download and install on your Android device but never once used? How many apps are there in your android device that you have found highly satisfactory to use? Or how many apps are there on your device that you have thought … [Read more...]

Do You Know The Sharing Reminders Functionality In OS X Mountain Lion?

os x mountain lion

In the latest version of the Mac OS, the OS X Mountain Lion, Apple included some of its iOS apps and features. Among them is the Reminders app, which is extremely useful in setting up and organizing to-do lists. Reminders were originally a part of the Apple iCal service but now, it has become a app in itself and it interfaces with the Calendar for all of your Apple … [Read more...]

Apple Explains Passbook In Just Released iOS 6.1

apple passbook

By this time you may be wondering how to make use the Apple’s Passbook if you have owned the recent iDevices – the iPhone 5 or iPod Touch. Even the Cupertino guys have realized that its new users are flummoxed over how to use the Passbook app. No worries. There is an answer to it, and from Apple itself. The just released iOS 6.1 adds an updated explanation to the … [Read more...]

Top 5 Smart Apps For Making Your Smartphone Smarter


What was once a luxury has become a necessity today. Yes, I am talking about that device in your pocket without which you cannot move even one inch - the smartphone. Today's smartphones have become as smart as we can imagine them to be. But with the rising number of apps to make your smartphone more useful in the real world, don’t you think that it is high time that … [Read more...]

Should You Buy Windows 8 Or Windows RT? A Knowhow

windows 8 n windows rt

Has the time come to choose whether to stay with Windows or try another OS? Yes, Linux, Google's Chrome OS and Apple's Macintosh OS X are already there with arms wide open to hug your personal computer. Microsoft just launched its two new operating systems, and of course the much awaited ones too, Windows 8 and Windows RT. If you love traditional desktop, and also … [Read more...]