The Future Of Social Media

Future Of Social Media

The advent of, and its early competitor, gave rise to the social media revolution. It seemed that everyone has jumped on the social media bandwagon, from start-up companies looking to develop their brands, to established companies looking to remain relevant. Though young technology users were the early adapters to the social revolution, … [Read more...]

Pinterest Opens Door For Signing Up Without Invitation


Without any invite you can now sign up with Pinterest. The one of the most popular social networks on the Internet has pushed doors open to accept open registration. So start with an account there without any wait for an invite. Earlier interested people had to request for an invite from the social company or from any friend who have an account on the platform. … [Read more...]

Facebook Bans American Actress, Singer Selena Gomez


Do you have same name as a celebrity? Life can be tough for you then. Strictly speaking it may be tough on Facebook. The social networking site banned Mark Zuckerberg last year and now it has done the same with Selena Gomez. Not really the same Selena Gomez whom we know but a girl with the same name in New Mexico tried signing in to her account recently and … [Read more...]

‘This Is Now’ Website Helps Watch Instagram Photos In Real-Time


A new Website named This Is Now is a real-time photo viewing service of Instagram. Five cities have been included in the service and you need to choose from Sydney, Tokyo, London, Sao Paolo and New York. Choosing one will instantly immerse you in a beautiful visualization of photos in real-time from the location. Believe me, pulling yourself away from it won't be … [Read more...]

Social Networking Of Huge Benefit To Business – Workplace Participation Growing

Social Networking Benefits For Businesses

It is of course no secret that social media and networking has changed the world in ways none of us saw coming, but it is only as of late that its effects on business environments has really been brought to the world’s attention. As consumers the world over begin to live their lives almost permanently attached to their social networks of choice, their circles are … [Read more...]