Confusion over the New Name for iPhone


There was an expectation that the new iPhone is going to release in the year 2011 but the year passed without the iPhone. New 4S technology has been included in the iPhone legacy and this is why people are anticipating whether the new phone is going to be iPhone 5 or 6. Lots of speculations have already taken place throughout 2011 regarding the look as well as the … [Read more...]

Chromasun: Eco Friendly Air Conditioner


If you are at a tropical country, you will always be irritated with the hot weather and sometime, typical electric fan won’t work. Because of this, you may need to shift to a more advanced gadget such as the air conditioner. As of now, almost 85 percent of the worldwide population have their air conditioner installed which is a sign of it as being an in demand … [Read more...]

Candela Eco Lights: A Candle Substitute


If you wanted a stylish interior design, then you should not miss trying out the Candela Eco Lights. It is known to be one of the most stylish yet eco friendly lighting tool manufactured today. It has a lot of specs which a user will surely love to try out and aside from that, the price is so affordable for a wonderful product like this. How Candela Eco Lights … [Read more...]

Can Tablets Take The Place Of Teachers [Infographic]

Can Tablets Take The Place Of Teachers

The invention of tablet computers has brought many advantages to us and now some people believe it can take the place of teachers to help children learn. To test this theory, an organization by the name OLPC (One Laptop Per Children) has given Xoom tablets to children in two villages of Ethiopia with alphabet training games, ebooks, cartoons and few other apps but … [Read more...]

Pinterest Facts and Figures

Pinterest Site Statistics, Figures and Facts 2012 Infographic

Unlike other social media sites, Pinterest is simpler. It is all about creating a pin board online and pinning images and videos that the user find interesting. This simple social network site was established on December 2009; however, it was launched on March 2010. Moreover, it only began gaining users at the beginning of 2011 with 10,000 registered users. As the … [Read more...]

Google+ Facts and Figures

Google+ Facts, Figures and Statistics Infographic

Google, the search engine giant launched its social network called Google Plus on June 28, 2011. This social media platform helps connect other Google web properties including Gmail and YouTube. Since it acts as glue, a person who will create or have created a Gmail account is obliged to sign up for Google Plus as well. This social network gained 625,000 users … [Read more...]