No Price Cut For PS Vita This Year: Sony

ps vita

Sony said today it is too early to slash down the price of its PS Vita. It said the engineers are working on how to curtail the manufacturing cost of the console, but the price cut won't happen anytime this year. Sony reduced the price of Nintendo 3DS when it was not selling well. This helped the second 3DS to become more successful than the first one. The original … [Read more...]

Gameloft Unveils Android Game Built With Unreal Engine On Facebook


Check the below given image. Look at it and say whether you can unlock any hidden hint as to what type of game is it or which game is it. Gameloft today unveiled this image on their official Facebook page saying this is their first ever game built from Unreal Engine. The French video game publisher and developer writes on the Facebook page that this is the … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Version 2.2 Update Supports Retina Display, Added 15 New Levels


Angry Birds added fifteen new levels in its latest update. More to this, the popular game now also support for Retina Display iPad. So, its a good news to all the iPhone and iPad users. This is the version 2.2 update of original Angry Birds and you need to face whole new set of challenges now. A new section added is Surf and Turf. The section offers fifteen … [Read more...]

Sony Unveils New F800 and E470 Media Players – Why?

Sony Unveils New F800 and E470 Media Players – Why?

Sony surprised one and all yesterday be revealing a pair of brand new Walkman media players powered by Google’s coveted Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Of course, neither represents the first media player from Sony to carry Android as its primary OS – rivals including Samsung and Archos has also given some of their media players the Android … [Read more...]

Nintendo Wii U More Powerful than Xbox 360 and PS3

Nintendo Wii U More Powerful than Xbox 360 and PS3

Nintendo’s new Wii U console looks set to challenge it Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 rivals like never before, as new reports suggest that the Wii U will be considerably more powerful than both. The news follows ongoing criticism that the Wii U would be unable to stand shoulder to shoulder with the industry-leaders in terms of raw power under the hood. The Wii U was facing … [Read more...]

Xbox 720 And PS4 Release Dates Nothing To Be Excited About? Gaming Experts Less Than Enthused

Xbox 720 And PS4 Release Date

As millions of hardcore gamers and casual consumer alike search high and low for any signs or whispers of Xbox 720 and the PS4, a number of elite gaming figures and authorities do not appear to share their enthusiasm. In fact, it has come to such a point now where some are suggesting that rather that the revolution the gamers of the world are expecting, all the … [Read more...]

Nintendo Wii U Appears On Amazon Germany – But Don’t Get Too Excited!

Nintendo Wii U Amazon Germany

Germany’s Amazon store has become the latest merchant to earmark the new Nintendo Wii U for a specific release date – in this instance being December 21st. What’s more, the price of the console has also been listed as a less-than bargain €399.99. While the listing may have only just appeared, there are two schools of thought as to its authentic and neither is … [Read more...]

Leaked Document Reveals Xbox 720 Specs, $299 Price Tag and 2013 Launch

Leaked Document Reveals Xbox 720 Specs, $299 Price Tag and 2013 Launch

While Microsoft has already made it abundantly clear that they will NOT be releasing a new Xbox games console in 2012, it is looking all the more likely by the day that the Xbox 720 has been earmarked for greatness next year. In fact, what appears to be a leaked document of rather sizeable proportions has served up some of the most detailed and tantalizing insights … [Read more...]