Isn’t Google’s Best Gadget Now In Three Sizes? Yup! Nexus

nexus gadgets of  google

These days it is very common people are having more than one device. More to this, it is also becoming common switching from one device to another and to further another. It can be many. I must say Google has done some fine tuning to this habit of today's mankind. It has streamlined its hardware line for Android devices to help you get rid of all the hassles, if … [Read more...]

Oh! Now Date, Time Bug. iPhone 5 Owners Complain

iphone 5 date time issue

It seems the iconic iPhone 5 has still many things to improvise. The Verizon subscribers have another problem to add on, tolling on Apple discussion forum, consumers complain about the wrong date and time keep appearing in their phone. So far, the problem is specifically noted in Verizon Wireless, as most of the complaints come from Verizon subscribers. Yes, only from … [Read more...]

Owing iPhone 5 Scares You Financially? No More. The ‘How’ Tips Here

iphone 5

Does cost of owning iPhone 5 scares you in terms of finance? No shame in confessing. This phenomenon is with almost all of us. So what? Won't we own this iDevice of Apple? Won't it fit our budget? Of course yes. Will share with you. Before that, you may be thinking some tricks will be discussed here to get an iPhone within a cheap price. The answer - … [Read more...]

5 Tablets Keeps iPad Mini From Taking The 7-Inch Crown


iPad Mini has not yet been announced officially, but it has not even remained a secret for Apple. It is proven that Apple can’t keep a secret well. Everyone knows about it; the date of launch is pretty certain, the technical details of the new tablet have been published and even the probably price of this mini tablet. However, iPad Mini will not enter the market … [Read more...]

Nokia Lumia 810, T-Mobile’s First Windows 8


With T-Mobile, Nokia 810, a variant of Nokia Lumia 820 for AT&T will release soon with fastest HSPA+ 42 network. Till now T-Mobile is kept mum on the cost or availability details, though it has shown a dummy model at the Pepcom’s MobileFocus event at MobileCon. Like Nokia 820, the 810 comes with interchangeable covers in cyan and black. With 4.3 inch OLEG WVGA … [Read more...]

How To keep Your Kids Safe From Smartphones

kids safety phone

Kids are vulnerable to technology, and it is proved. So, how parents can control the temptation of smartphones that is now accessible even to kids nowadays? The question seems hold water as the inappropriate use of smartphones by kids are now rampant. You can’t just say no to today’s children but of course, you can educate them by assessing the level of responsibility … [Read more...]

Should I go for iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3

samsung galaxy s3 vs iphone 5

If you are puzzled which to buy, whether Samsung's Galaxy S3 or Apple's iPhone 5, then you are not alone in the U.S. There are tons and tons of people still are unable to decide whether to go for iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3. Apple's iPhone 5 is a terrific phone, and so is the Galaxy S3. In fact it won't be wrong if you go with either phone. If you are … [Read more...]

Why shall I Not Choose Sprint For iPhone 5 Over LTE Network

sprint-iphone 5

Many people are still deciding on which carrier to go for the iPhone 5 if they want to use the device over LTE network. Of course the first thing that comes to our mind while choosing is the network reliability, and also the transition from 3G to 4G. It is tough to say as of now that smaller service providers like Sprint and T-Mobile can really give competition to … [Read more...]

Verdict – Apple’s iPhone 5 Full Review; Finally Best iPhone (Part 3/3)

iphone 5 review and verdict

This is the third and final part of our verdict and full review of Apple's iPhone 5. In the first two parts we discussed about why iPhone 5 differ from iPhone 4S, about the look of the device, the screen talk of course as it has become taller now, and something about the 4G LTE network support. In this part we will only discuss about the camera of iPhone 5 as it has … [Read more...]

Verdict – Apple’s iPhone 5 Full Review; Finally Best iPhone (Part 2/3)

iphone 5 screen

In our last part of the iPhone 5 full review we were discussing about the screen of it. It remained incomplete there. Before that we discussed about how iPhone 5 differ from the iPhone 4S and also something noticeable about the look of the new-generation Apple's iPhone. If you have missed out the first part, you can check it from the below link: Verdict – Apple’s … [Read more...]