Best Tablets Launched in 2011

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Public is getting infatuated to the technology everyday with the new technologies like android, tablets and smart phones. Apple has been the leader in selling the technology to the public with high efficiency. Some of the most desirable and appreciated tablets launched in the year 2011 are, Apple I pad 2 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 ASUS e-pad transformer B … [Read more...]

Best Tablets in India between Rs20K to 30K


Tablets are the hottest and the latest gadget. These are the best tablets available in the Indian market with the latest technology and are priced in between 20k to 30k INR. Tablets are a great alternative for people who only use their laptop for browsing and playing games. Apple ipad2 - The Ultimate Leader Apple products are known for its quality and the ipad 2 … [Read more...]

Best Smartphones/Gadgets from Apple Launched in 2011


To consider the iPhones you must remember that the iPhone 4S is one of the modern smartphones that made revolutions in the world. It allows you to access the internet facility easily. It can make heavy data storage. Moreover it allows you to connect to the media as well. It can allow you to continue the video calls as well. There are 2 HD cameras fitted on to the cell … [Read more...]

Best Smartphones Launched in 2011


Smart phones are gaining popularity among people with the growing trends of mobile phones. In the year 2011 all the telecommunication companies have put in all the possible efforts to make the smart phones desirable by many. Some of the popular smart phones launched in the year 2011 are, Samsung Galaxy S 2 T-Mobile LG G2X Motorola Droid Bionic Samsung … [Read more...]

How To Power Cycle Gadgets To Fix Freezes And Other Software Problems


There have been times when you are using your gadget whether it be your phone or your laptop and it suddenly completely freezes up. Nothing you do seems to restart your device and bring it back to normal until and less you yank the battery out. In most of the case the freezing up of your device is caused due to software issues that occurs due to clashing of … [Read more...]

Best Smartphones From Sony Ericsson Launched in 2011

sony ericsson phones

Sony Ericsson is going high in the business word as people like the smart phones of the brand in terms of the features they can utilize. The set consists of various modern features that can avail you. It has been doing great in the new generation. The smart phones though sound expensive but contain the qualities so as to keep you in contact with the world all around … [Read more...]

Best Smartphones from Samsung Launched in 2011


To consider some of the best smart phones in the Samsung that are launched in 2011 you must consider the ones like Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, Samsung Exhibit II 4G – marine blue, Samsung Focus Flash, Samsung Stratosphere, Samsung Transform Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S II (T-Mobile), Samsung Galaxy S II (AT & T), Samsung Epic 4G Touch (Sprint), … [Read more...]

Best Smartphones from Nokia Launched in 2011

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There has been a trend nowadays to use the smart phones. The young generation is prone towards keeping smart phones as they contain advance features for your ease. There have been reviews of the customers as well regarding the modern smart phones of 2011. To consider some of the best smart phone from Nokia in 2011 you must never forget to mention the ones like … [Read more...]

Best Smartphones from LG Launched in 2011

lg smartphones

LG has launched various newer smart phones sets within 2011. For instance the LG has launched the Android powered smartphone being known as the LG E2 that is having optimum functionalities. It can be operated on the Android v2.3 operating system. The phone has the sub-gigahertz processor. The gadget has the capability of 600 MHz processor. The set is having a … [Read more...]

Best Netbooks Launched in 2011


Netbooks have gained a lot of popularity because of their compatible size and easy handling. Though if the kind of work to be done on netbook does not include writing novels, programming or a series of work for day long. A notebook or a desktop PC will best suit for such work. A netbook usually fulfils the need of web browsing, playing games, checking mails or any … [Read more...]