The Nexus Tablet From Google Will Be A 7 Incher To Take On The Kindle Fire [Rumor]

Google Asus 7inch Nexus tablet

Eric Schmidt, Google’s oft-quoted chairman, had the Android world buzzing with excitement with his interview to an Italian newspaper where he mentioned that Google was working on a tablet to be released before Q3 2012. His exact statement though, was anything but precise. In fact, you can interpret that statement either as Google’s intent to develop its very own … [Read more...]

Images Of Nexus Tablet From Asus And Google Flooded Over Internet

Google Asus Nexus Tablet Images

There are images of the much hyped Nexus tablet from Asus Google all over the internet. Some say they are the draft images for press release and others question the legitimacy of these images. Whatever is the case, these images have created much hype about this new tablet and there are many people waiting for an official statement regarding the release of this … [Read more...]

How The Google Nexus Tablet Is Going To Be Like

Google Nexus Tablet Screenshot

You might have come across the large number of rumors that are doing the rounds in the market regarding the launch of the Google nexus tablet. It is one of the most discussed news these days and people are eagerly waiting for the nexus to arrive. Different kinds of rumors can be heard from different online stores. But what people actually want to know is how the … [Read more...]

Android 4.1 Or 5.0 Jelly Bean Images Leaked – Google Nexus Tab Coming Soon

Android Jelly Bean Google Nexus Tab

When and where the Google Nexus Tablet finally sees the light of day, rumor has it that this “pure-Android” marvel will also herald the arrival of Android 5.0 Jelly Bean. Of course, the more contentious out there may argue that it will more likely carry the moniker of Android 4.1, but the Jelly Bean handle at least seems to be a given. In either case, there … [Read more...]

Google Nexus Tablet “Confirmed” by Asus Rep

Google Nexus Tablet “Confirmed” by Asus Rep

I know, Google Nexus Tablet rumors are ten a penny right now, but given the fact that the thing could be in our hands as early as next week, you’ll forgive me for holding onto the more believable whispers for the time-being at least! Those more interested in whether the Google Nexus Tablet actually exists than when and where it will first arrive were thrown quite … [Read more...]

Apple and Google Increase Global Domination Efforts – But Why Now?

Apple and Google Increase Global Domination Efforts – But Why Now?

Google and Apple have taken absolutely no prisoners in the war for Smartphone market domination, having practically wiped Research in Motion (RIM) and Nokia off the face of the Earth. However, not content with a staggering 80% combined share of the market, the biggest players in the game now have their sights set on the remaining 20%. Apple is making bold … [Read more...]

Is Samsung Planning A Future Without Android?

Is Samsung Planning A Future Without Android?

As the Samsung Galaxy S3 release date for US customers draws ever closer, new CEO Kwon Oh-hyun has once again spoke out about the importance of carving out a new path in terms of the software the company relies upon. In order to retain its position right at the top of the global Smartphone stakes, Samsung could in the long term be looking to move away from Google’s … [Read more...]

Acer Iconia Tab A700 Vs Apple’s New iPad 3

Acer Iconia Tab A700 Vs Apple’s iPad

Referring to any new tablet PC as an “iPad-killer” is as tired and cliché at is inaccurate…thus far at least. However, a new contender has emerged this week which intends to prove itself worthy of the moniker – namely the fully-loaded though diet-priced Acer Iconia Tab A700. How does Acer expect to achieve the seemingly impossible? Easy…with a hugely impressive … [Read more...]

Asus Employee Confirms Google Asus Nexus Tablet With Quad Core Tegra 3 Processor

Google Asus Nexus Tablet

The Google Nexus tablet is one of the most discussed about topics these days. There are various rumors that have come up regarding the Google tablet. There is certain new information that can be heard these days regarding the launch of the new tablet. The information came from an Asus Employee. In an anonymous interview to Android Authority at Taipei, the Asus … [Read more...]

The Need For Google Nexus Tablet

Need For Google Nexus Tablet

There has been a lot of discussion about the Google nexus tablet. Previously it was just considered to be a rumor but very soon people can see it in the market. It is all set to release in the next month. Asus is actually all set to provide a new tablet with the quad core 1.3GHz nvidia tegra 3 chipset. The other top features of the tablet are going to be its 7 inch … [Read more...]