Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS 12 MP CMOS Digital Camera with Full 1080p HD Video

I was not quite sure about what camera to buy to satisfy my hobby of photography. I looked for a number of cameras currently present in the market and finally decided to go for the canon powershot ELPH 300 HS. I was quite happy when I got the camera in hand. Before learning the various features of the camera I was quite surprised with its shape. It can proudly call itself one of the thinnest cameras present in the digital world today. Being the thinnest camera it is quite easy to grip and makes picture taking easy and fun. Amateur photographers like me do not need hi-fi cameras with professional features. This camera offered me everything I was looking for.


Things I Liked

In spite of being the thinnest camera it has a wide angle lens which measure 24mm. I was also satisfied with the kind of zoom it had to offer. It offers 5x of optical zoom along with optical stabilizer for the image. I also got a high speed shooting capability. The burst mode offers quite a high speed which helps to capture at least 8 frames per second. These kinds of features are quite amazing in the camera. 12.1 MP camera helps to click nice photos.

First of all, it was important for me to check the image quality. I found the quality quite satisfactory. The camera offers a little softness on the edges of the images. The camera is capable of producing some extra details in the picture because of its high megapixel. If you are looking for a sharper image then this camera offers the exact thing. The camera offers better quality sharpness throughout the zoom range.

The other thing that I found quite interesting is the slow motion of the video shooting. The camera is capable of producing 1080p videos quite smoothly. But for this you need to shoot in a good light. The other interesting feature is the slow motion feature. For this feature too you need to have a good lighting. The camera does not have sound with the videos that are shot with the slow motion feature.

I am also happy with the speed the camera offers. The camera becomes ready quite fast to take photos. The time required between two photos is 1.5 seconds which is not at all bad. The software offered with the camera also works well. You do not need to borrow or use other software because the one offered has all the function required. You can take pictures with the camera even in the night mode without blurring the picture. The camera offers a number of effects which can be used for different kinds of photography.

There are effects like fisheye, toy camera, poster effect and creative light effect. Other than this I have also used the feature known as color swap which helps to change the color of a particular image for special effects on it. The color accent function is also interesting where you can choose to keep a single color in the entire picture and make other colors monochromatic. I also took wonderful photographs in the beach without making the faces dark in the sun.

Need to Improve

There are very few areas where the canon powershot 300 needs to improve. While using the widest angle for the zoom along with the flash the camera tends to darken the right corner of the image. Therefore you need to lower the zoom when you are using the flash. Shooting videos in low light sometimes start creating trouble. It starts making noises and the picture quality also gets grainy quite fast.


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