Can Tablets Take The Place Of Teachers [Infographic]

The invention of tablet computers has brought many advantages to us and now some people believe it can take the place of teachers to help children learn. To test this theory, an organization by the name OLPC (One Laptop Per Children) has given Xoom tablets to children in two villages of Ethiopia with alphabet training games, ebooks, cartoons and few other apps but without any instructions.

The OLPC team wants to find out whether the village children who are not used to a tablet or any kind of gadgets will be able to use the tablet and learn the alphabets.

But the result they have got was astonishing and to make people realize the importance of tablets as teachers, Bachelors Degree Online has created an infographic which will show out the result of this experiment with full facts. Just take a look at the infographic given below to find out all about this OLPC experiment and their results.

Can Tablets Take The Place Of Teachers

Can Tablets Take The Place Of Teachers

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